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ARIZONA AUDIT: AZ Senate Withholding “Critical Information” They Are Being Briefed On?


I wish they wouldn’t be so cryptic…..

According to a source on Twitter, The Arizona State Senate seems to know something that we don’t.

I am not really sure what they are getting at, but they mentioned that passwords and router info is being hidden from them in one of the tweets following the original one.

I wonder if something truly explosive is happening behind the scenes, or if we are just getting some hype to hold us over until the report comes out.

The MSM seems to be a frenzy over the audit—which almost certainly means something is going on, and there are other parts of the audit other than the hand recount and the paper analysis still going on.

The Maricopa County report won’t be ready until August, but we should be getting some new information before then, so maybe this is hinting at that new information?

Here’s what we could dig up:

NTD News had more on the completion of the audit:

Ken Bennett, a former Republican secretary of state who was tapped to work on the audit, told The Associated Press that the final report stemming from the audit would take several weeks or months to complete. Previously, authorities said that it would be due in August.

Following the completion of the counting and paper examination process, other audit work is being done, he said. That includes evaluating data from voting machines and election servers.

“I think too much emphasis has been put on the tasks that are happening here at the Coliseum, but these are not the only two tasks of the audit,” Bennett told AP. He was referring to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, where the effort was being carried out.

The Epoch Times highlights the backlash by the MSM:

“They’re losing their minds because I went to see a movie. Would they have lost their minds if I had seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’? Because I did, but they didn’t,” Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem (R), who is currently running for Secretary of State, told The Epoch Times.

Finchem said there were no shocking new revelations in the movie. The Republican legislator said the main reason he went to see the movie was to “see what was in it” and to square information with the actual facts of the ongoing Maricopa County audit once the report is released.

“I’ve been an advocate of the audit process. We reserve the right to scrutinize the process,” Finchem said.

“The Deep Rig” premiered on June 26 at Dream City Church in North Phoenix. Approximately 500 people attended, according to Arizona Central.

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