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John McAfee Suicided In Prison, Dead Man’s Switch Activated?


I guess we can add a new one to the list: Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself and neither did John McAfee.

And I’m about to prove it to you, and show you why this may soon become the biggest story of the year.

In fact, I’m now starting to wonder if this is the “suddenly” moment all the prophets have been talking about to suddenly change everything right before July 4th.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s back up a bit.

John McAfee is (was?) the wild founder of McAfee Antivirus.

After making millions in the software industry, became something of a legend in the Libertarian community.  A big backer of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and an even bigger enemy of the Deep State.

For years he eluded authorities but was recently caught and was being held in a Spanish prison.

Today news broke that he had “died of suicide” in that prison.

The only problem?

Literally no one is buying it.  More on that in a minute.

First, here is the official report from MSM CNN:

John McAfee, the controversial antivirus software magnate who’d had multiple recent run-ins with the US law, has died at 75. McAfee was awaiting extradition in a Spanish prison after being charged with tax evasion in the United States last year.

McAfee was found dead in his cell in a prison near Barcelona on Wednesday around 1 p.m. ET and a medical examiner is on the scene, a spokeswoman for the Superior Court of Catalonia told CNN. She said the cause of death is under investigation.

A statement from the Catalonia regional government Justice Department, which manages prisons there, said that prison medical personnel and guards attempted to perform life-saving procedures after finding McAfee, but were unsuccessful.

The statement said “everything indicates” that McAfee could have died by suicide.

His death came after a ruling from a three-judge panel at Spain’s National Court in Madrid this week that McAfee could be extradited to the United States to face charges there. That decision could still have been appealed to a larger panel of judges at the same court, according to court documents.

McAfee was arrested in Spain in October after being indicted in the United States for tax evasion months earlier. He allegedly failed to file taxes for four years despite earning millions in income between 2014 and 2018 from promoting cryptocurrencies, consulting work, speaking engagements, and selling the rights to his life story for a documentary, according to court documents. The amount he owed was not specified in the indictment.

The Spanish judges approved his extradition to face charges for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 tax years.

In a virtual hearing in Spanish court earlier this month, McAfee argued that the US tax evasion charges against him were politically motivated, the Associated Press reported.

McAfee — founder of the eponymous antivirus software firm, with which he is no longer affiliated — was also indicted in March on separate fraud and money laundering charges. The US Department of Justice alleged that he and a business partner participated in a scheme that earned more than $13 million by falsely promoting cryptocurrencies to unwitting investors.

The final two decades of McAfee’s life included a somewhat bizarre series of events.

In 2012, McAfee briefly vanished after fleeing his home in Belize because local police tried to question him on the death of his neighbor. (He has denied involvement in the death and claimed he fled because he feared for his life.)

Now let’s dig into everything the MSM will not report!

McAfee was a major enemy of the Deep State, constantly provoking them and digging up dirt:

McAfee was constantly shouting from the rooftop that if he were ever found dead of suicide, that he didn’t do it and it was murder.

Read this from 2020:

Here it is zoomed in:

Could he have been any clearer?

Folks, the Deep State is getting VERY sloppy….or perhaps VERY panicked.

You don’t kill a guy like this who is posting messages like that unless you have literally no other options.

But it gets better.

Here is another one of his posts where he literally tattooed “WHACKD” on his arm as a message that if he was found dead of apparent suicide, that it was murder!


Zoom in:

And now here is the best part…..

McAfee was so certain he’d be killed (and so smart about it) that he took all the evidence he had gathered against the Deep State (which many believe is the holy grail of exposure) and he spread it out to multiple parties and multiple places on what is known as a “Kill Switch” or “Dead Man’s Switch”.

The way a Dead Man’s Switch works is if you don’t check in to the system at the predetermined times in the predetermined ways, then the switch goes off and automatically releases all the evidence.

It cannot be stopped.

McAfee claimed to have had one back in 2019 and now many believe it just triggered:

Why do they believe it has been triggered?

One, because he said so in the posts above.

And two, because just hours AFTER the news broke of his death, this was posted to his Instagram account:

Yes folks, that is a giant Q.

Anyone else getting REALLY excited right now?

Was McAfee Q?

Was he part of Q?

Connected to Q?

Did he send all his evidence to the Anons?

Are we about to witness the “suddenly” moment that turns our world upside down exactly as the prophets have all been saying is coming?

They have all said it would happen in a way you least expect — i.e., not from the courts, not from Congress, not even from Trump himself.

God would swoop in and bring justice in a way no one could predict.

Is this it?

It sure feels like it to me.

We should know more soon as the Dead Man’s Switch will start producing evidence soon if true.

Stay tuned!


More analysis on the Kill Switch:

And from Rumble, here is McAfee talking about Donald Trump:


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