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Amazon Series “Utopia” Includes Plot to Release Virus & Depopulate the World with Vaccine


The film industry has a dark history of producing films that predict future events.

After the past 18 months of COVID-19 hysteria, could this be a warped case of predictive programming?

If you study the plot of Amazon’s “Utopia,” you’ll feel a sense of Déjà vu.

Released during the height of COVID-19 madness, the show revolves around a manufactured bioweapon to terrorize the world’s population into begging for a vaccine.

But the vaccine turns out to be a tool to depopulate the world.

When you listen to vaccine fanatics like Bill Gates talk about population control and building evidence of the lab leak theory, it raises suspicions amongst critical thinkers.

And the plot is an eerie reminder of what many believe to be the true motive behind COVID-19.

Here’s more:

Watch Alex Jones discuss the show here.

Summit News added:

Utopia is a remake of the UK Channel 4 series originally released in 2013 and stars Jessica Rothe, Rainn Wilson, and John Cusack.

The plot centers on a group of comic book fans who discover an unpublished manuscript for a graphic novel which turns out to be a real life plot to fake a global pandemic in order to thin the earth’s population.

People are killed or poisoned to convince them that the virus is real before a traumatized population is convinced to take a vaccine which sterilizes the vast majority of them, lowering the planet’s population to just 500 million people total in a single generation.

The comic book fans are hunted down by a shadowy deep state organization after attempting to expose the conspiracy.

The edit of Utopia was only finished in April 2020 at the height of the first wave of the pandemic and was subsequently released in September 2020.

Indeed, the plot of the series is so close to what some “conspiracy theorists” claim is the real agenda behind the COVID-19 pandemic, that outlets like Slate said it should have never been released.

“It’s impossible to enjoy a story where the heroes persuade themselves that shadowy forces have manufactured a phony pandemic to trick people into taking a dangerous vaccine when those exact beliefs are helping to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans,” wrote Matthew Dessem.

The New York Times also reported on how author and showrunner Gillian Flynn knew that Utopia had “unsettling COVID parallels,” but that she wrote it before she knew anything about QAnon.

Suffice to say, the show was canceled in November 2020 after Amazon opted not to commission a second season.

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