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Senior Chinese Counterintelligence Official Missing Due to Rumored U.S. Defection


Rumors are swirling this week that a top Chinese Counterintelligence official defected to the US.

Reports on Chinese social media sites say that Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei secretly flew from Hong Kong to the US in February, traveling with his daughter.

The rumors allege that Mr. Jingwei shared essential information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Mike Huckabee notes on The Stream about the shocking information Dong Jingwei has provided to the DIA:

  • Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).
  • Models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the U.S. and the world. Perhaps this “Exhibit A” will be the most infuriating of all.
  • Financial records relating to the exact organizations and governments that funded research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare.
  • Names of U.S. citizens who provide intel to China. Let’s see ’em.
  • Names of Chinese spies working in the U.S. and/or attending American universities. This promises to be a long list.
  • Financial records showing U.S. business people and public officials who have received money from the Chinese government. I assume that means “besides Hunter Biden.”
  • Details of meetings U.S. government officials had, perhaps unwittingly, with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR (External Intelligence Service).
  • Details of how the Chinese gained access to a CIA communications system, which led to the deaths of dozens of Chinese people who had been working with the CIA.

It seems Dong Jingwei is at the center of the Covid lab leak theory, which was at first a “conspiracy theory.”

Now, it looks as though our curiosity about Covid’s origins over the last year is being reignited fiercely.

Dong Jingwei will be the highest-level defector from the People’s Republic of China if the reports are verified.

The Daily Telegraph Australia has more on the story:

His evidence may have even sparked US President Joe Biden’s U-turn on the country’s covid probe. Mr Biden announced in late May a new review into the origins of covid, after having shut down a previous probe.

He has now called on the US intelligence community to “redouble” its investigation to find out whether covid jumped from an animal host to humans, or if it was accidentally released from the Wuhan research lab.

Mr Dong served as a prestigious counterintelligence head of China’s Ministry of State Security, otherwise known as the Guoanbu. His intelligence is reported to include early pathogenic studies of the virus, models of predicted covid spread and damage to the world, and financial records detailing which organisations and governments funded the research.

He may also have information about the names of Chinese spies working in the US, and how the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system.

Former Chinese foreign ministry official Dr Han Lianchao, who defected after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, wrote in a tweet this week that if true, Mr Dong’s defection “is really a big bomb”.

He also reportedly shared a photo of Mr Dong, claiming he was last seen in public in September 2020. The photo has since been removed from Chinese search engine Baidu.

With tensions growing between the US and China, some false rumours have recently surfaced about defectors, including a bogus claim covid scientist Shi Zhengli had swapped sides.

Also adding to the intrigue are reports from China that Mr Dong hosted a national security meeting on June 18 aimed at catching “spies and traitors”. However, a convincing photo of him at the meeting has not yet surfaced, sparking disbelief that he ever attended the event.

The local reports have actually fired up the rumour mill even more, with a photo from the alleged security meeting showing a man who many believe is not actually My Jingwei.

“That is not a picture of Dong Jingwei,” one Twitter user wrote.

“If #DongJingwei has not defected, why won’t Beijing show him off in public?” another commented.

“Since nobody, not even the MSS head of counterintelligence, can be in two places (much less two continents) at the same time … somebody’s lying,” a third said. “Where’s #DongJingwei today?

‘China needs to be transparent’

It comes as the head of the World Health Organisation Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus refused to rule out the Wuhan lab leak theory at the G7 summit, and called on China to be more “transparent”.

Dr Tedros said that so far 3.75 million people worldwide had died from the virus and at least 174 million were confirmed to have contracted the disease.

“I think the respect these people deserve is knowing what the origin of this virus is so that we can prevent it from happening again,” he said.

Dr Tedros also suggested there had not been enough “transparency and co-operation” from China initially.

‘This must never happen again’

Speaking on the ABC’s Insiders program this morning, Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne declined to comment on the reported defection, instead she also called for China to be transparent.

“I wouldn’t normally comment on intelligence matters of that nature, but what is very important here is that we do maintain the momentum of this inquiry process,” she said.

“We know that the phase one inquiry had significant limitations in terms of the delay in deploying it, access to information, access to appropriate scientific and medical evidence.

“So we are very determined to work with our partners to ensure that the phase two investigation is able to access the material that it needs, including within China. That is strongly supported by the G7 itself.

Will China be transparent or try to brush this under the rug?

Here is a great clip from Rumble discussing Dong Jingwei’s defection.

In the video, there are some deep dives into the world of Chinese Twitter, where the rumors about Dong Jingwei’s defection started.

Check it out below:

From the looks of it, China is making it look like a case of nothing to see here!

In the South China Morning Post, it was reported that China’s law enforcement agency claimed Dong Jingwei was in China.

The press release basically said he’s still our guy in China, attending an “intelligence seminar.”

However, it was reported that searches of Dong Jingwei are being scrubbed from the internet:


UPI has more:

A senior Chinese state security official may be missing, as rumors swirl in Chinese-language social media about his whereabouts.

Reports indicate the man already may have defected to the United States with sensitive information about the origins of COVID-19.

Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei, 57, is believed to have fled China with classified information about the novel coronavirus, Daily Telegraph in Sydney reported Monday.

Dong may have secretly traveled from Hong Kong to the United States on Feb. 10, escaping with his daughter, Dong Yang, according to SpyTalk, a newsletter covering U.S. intelligence.

Rumors of Dong’s defection first circulated on Chinese-language social media platforms, Taiwan’s Liberty Times reported Saturday.

Overseas Chinese pro-democracy activists claimed there is evidence father and daughter took off from Hong Kong with “relevant information from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” according to the report.

China has not issued an official response to Dong’s rumored defection, but on Friday Xi ordered top officials of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to swear an oath ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP on July 1, according to Liberty Times on Sunday.

As Dong’s whereabouts remained unconfirmed, on Friday Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported China’s law enforcement agency claimed Dong was in China, attending an intelligence seminar.

China’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission said Dong ordered the country’s spies to hunt down “anti-China” forces. The commission did not disclose the location of the seminar. No photo of Dong accompanied the article.

Reports of Dong’s alleged defection come as members of the international community appeared to agree on trying to confirm COVID-19’s origins.

The World Health Organization’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the G7 summit earlier this month that the most recent studies have been inconclusive.

“Close to 3.75 million people have died,” the WHO chief said. “This is very tragic, and I think the respect these people deserve is knowing what the origin of this virus is so that we can prevent it from happening again.”

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden ordered a close intelligence review of COVID-19 origins.

Is Dong Jingwei the key to unlocking the origins of Covid? 

It looks like things are about to get pretty interesting! 

If Dong Jingwei holds secrets about the Coronavirus origins, and it happens to have without doubt maliciously come from China, the world owes President Trump a huge apology.

President Trump has told us all along about the origins of Covid- “It comes from CHINA.”


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