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The End Of The Truth Embargo On UFO’s Coming Soon?


Why is The U.S. Government changing its mind on this issue?

For YEARS, and I mean 70 years or more, authorities in The United States have deflected, covered this up, or straight up made jokes about this issue—making those who believed in the existence of UFO’s look nuts.

A lot of people are wondering what has prompted the sudden change in their tune.

Some say they are just trying to distract us, but as someone who has followed this issue for a very long time I don’t think that’s the case.

In my opinion The Pentagon was FORCED to finally start releasing some of this info to the public, and to take it even more seriously than they were.

I don’t know exactly what they will release in their report due in a weeks time, but it’s looking more and more that this is NOT some foreign drone, and recent developments have ruled out that it is covert U.S. weaponry.

So what is it? What is going on exactly?

If we are to believe the official line of the government then we truly have no idea—a thought just as frightening as outright saying it’s extraterrestrial.

If we don’t believe what the government has to say on the issue then there really are only a few believable options left……

Here are the latest reports on the UFO phenomenon:

CNN reports:

The fact that Congress is receiving briefings and the intelligence community is producing reports on what the Pentagon has labeled UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) is itself extraordinary. After years of Washington infighting, including bureaucratic battles within the Pentagon and pressure from certain members of Congress, the US government finally appears to be taking seriously what has for so long been considered a fringe issue.

Even as sightings of unexplainable objects rose into the hundreds, Pentagon officials wrestled with how much time and resources to devote to investigating them. Interviews with a half-dozen officials as well as documents reviewed by CNN depict a US military and intelligence community that’s struggled over how to remove the issue from the world of science fiction and consider its actual national security implications. 

“Everyone who’s paid enough attention to it understands they need to take it seriously,” said former deputy defense secretary David Norquist, who set up a task force in 2020 to investigate UAPs. “But once you go beyond that circle, you get people who are understandably resistant because of the tinfoil hat stigma.”

For most serious people inside the Pentagon studying the strange incidents, the former officials said, the investigation is not about proving whether or not aliens are visiting Earth and buzzing Navy pilots. Rather, it’s about trying to understand what is behind these otherwise unexplainable encounters in US airspace. In particular, some officials are concerned that they might be some kind of next-gen technology deployed by China or Russia.

“If [these objects] had the flag of Russia on the side, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Norquist said. “Every one of these would be reported; everyone would be on top of it.”

NBC News added:

Interest in UFOs waxes and wanes in American culture, but millions have questions and about one-third of Americans think we have been visited by alien spacecraft, according to Gallup.

But those questions have been met with silence or laughter from authorities and the academy, leaving a vacuum that has been filled by conspiracy theorists, hoaxsters and amateur investigators.

West, the skeptic, thinks the recent videos that kicked off the latest UFO craze, including three published by the New York Times and CBS’ “60 Minutes,” can be explained by optical camera effects. But he would like to see the U.S. government thoroughly investigate and explain UFOs.

The government has examined UFOs in the past but often in secret or narrow ways, and the current Pentagon task force is thought to be relatively limited in its mission and resources.

West pointed to models from other countries like Argentina, where an official government agency investigates sightings and publishes its findings, the overwhelming majority of which are traced to unusual weather, human objects like planes or optical effects.

“This is something that we could do here,” West said. “But right now we’re left with people like me, who are just enthusiasts.”

“The ‘truth embargo’ is coming to an end now,” said Bassett, the executive director of Paradigm Research Group and the only registered lobbyist in Washington dedicated to UFO disclosure. “I am elated to finally see this movement achieving its moment.”

Bassett is convinced the government is covering up proof of extraterrestrial life and that everything happening now is elaborate political theater to make that information public in the least disruptive way possible — a view, of course, not supported by evidence or most experts.

“This is the most profound event in human history that’s about to be taking place,” he said.

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