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899 New Yorkers Get Injected with Expired Experimental Pfizer COVID-19 Jabs and Told They Will Require a 3rd Dose


Nearly 1,000 New Yorkers will have to undergo a 3rd round of the COVID-19 medical experiment.

Due to pure incompetence, a Times Square vaccination site administered 899 expired doses of the Pfizer experimental jab.

Despite the extreme number of adverse reactions from the regular two jabs, could a 3rd jab result in additional side effects?

It’s an important question but don’t expect the medical overlords to ask that.

To ensure ‘full protection,’ they told the 899 test subjects that a replacement dose is vital.

But as we’ve seen in recent reports, vaccination doesn’t guarantee protection against COVID-19.

Unfortunately, I don’t think these test subjects will have any qualms of receiving an extra dose.

Some would line up for 100 doses if you had them available and a politicized scientist said it was ‘for your health.’

Here’s more on the incident:

Forbes reported:

Oops, you’ll have to do it again.

That may be the case if you got the Pfizer/BioTech Covid-19 vaccine at the former NFL Experience building in Times Square, New York City, anytime from June 5 to 10. Apparently, vaccine doses used during those days got lost in the game, so to speak. ATC Vaccination Services, which was contracted by the New York City government to administer vaccines at that location, committed an oopsies. Make that many oopsies over the course of six days. They had kept the vaccines in the freezers too long. In this case, too long meant past the vaccines’ expiration dates. But it seems like they didn’t check these expiration dates and ended up injecting 899 people with expired vaccine doses.

In the words of Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

So now if you got your first dose there during that time period, you may have effectively gotten no doses. You’ll have to start all over again and get two more doses. And if you got your second dose then, you’ll need to return for a third dose as soon as you can.

That may leave a number of New Yorkers using a word that begins with an f-sound, and it ain’t Pfizer.

TrialSite News added info of the batched medical experiment for the New York subjects:

A firm called ATC Vaccination Services was contracted to run a “pop-up” COVID-19 vaccination site located in the former NFL Experience building located at Times Square in Midtown Manhattan recently when a truly unfortunate error occurred as 899 expired vaccine doses were administered to unsuspecting people seeking to do the right thing and get inoculated against COVID-19. Those that received the jab were sent a communication by the company that they “cannot guarantee the effectiveness” of the Pfizer-BioNTech doses they just received during the vaccination event. Apparently, the call center used for the callbacks wasn’t even staffed by health care professionals.

The Vendor

Apparently, ATC Vaccination Services, reported the New York Post, is connected with a sizable group of vaccine distributors aligned with the New York City Department of Health. While they did apologize for the inconvenience, the city got involved in coordinating with Pfizer and ultimately sending a communication to all those involved that they could come back for another job.

ATC Vaccination announced their deal with the City of New York back in April. A national system with 45 franchises in operation, they provide healthcare staffing services to a number of businesses from hospitals and outpatient centers to medical offices, schools, and more. They have been in operation for over 40 years.

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