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Pastor Hank Kunneman: God Is Not On Man’s Time…He’s The God Over Events!


Pastor Hank Kunneman was on Elijah Streams recently and it was incredible!

In case you missed it, there were several amazing clips but one I want to bring you attention to specifically.

This is for the people who are concerned that “nothing is happening”.

Or said another way, “nothing is happening in the way and time I want it to happen!”

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Well, Pastor Hank has some comments about that and to summarize it here’s the deal: God is not on your time table!

I know that may be surprising for some of you to hear.

Some of you think He is slow!

But he’s working on his own timeline and it is in perfect time!

He is currently orchestrating the perfect order of events and what you think is slow is actually perfect timing.

Watch as Pastor Hank explains it better than I can:

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