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Energy Sec. Confirms Hackers Are Able to Shut Down America’s Energy Grid


Even critics are starting to miss the days of President Trump. Within the first couple of years under Trump, America’s standing in the world was back on track.

There were no more apology tours, giving away money to nations that hated us, and bankrolling failing international initiatives. Jobs were coming back to America, and unemployment was hitting all-time lows.

All that changed in January when Joe Biden rolled back nearly all of President Trump’s successful policies. With a stroke of his pen, Joe opened up the nation to a kind of weakness not seen since Obama.

Just last week, more confirmation of Joe’s poor leadership was on full display.

From the beginning, Joe wanted us dependant on foreign oil again.
Vowing not to renew the lease on the Keystone pipeline made sure that hostile nations could determine how much Americans would have to pay for fuel.

If you thought things couldn’t get worse than that, keep reading.

The hacking of the Colonial pipeline caused fuel shortages all over the east coast.

The hack exposed another one of Biden’s failures in office. Cybersecurity.

During an interview with CNN, the Biden-appointed energy secretary admitted that we are wide open for enemy attacks regarding our infrastructure.

The United States’ energy grid is vulnerable to an enemy attack, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on Sunday.
CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Granholm point-blank on ‘State of the Union if the nation’s adversaries have the capability of shutting the energy grid down.
‘Yeah, they do,’ she said in a ghastly warning to the country.

Flat out, no hesitation. How did America get to this place of weakness?

‘There are thousands of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector generally. It’s happening all the time. This is why the private sector and the public sector have to work together.’

It’s incredible how our leaders know how vulnerable we are but are happy to blame others rather than fix the problem.

This news was “shocking” to many liberals, but it’s what conservatives have been sounding the alarm about for years.

According to Joe, it’s the private sector’s fault for not working with his administration. What’s laughable about Biden’s call for the private sector to work with his administration to fight cyberattacks is that Joe can’t protect them. This happened on his watch, and he was napping at the wheel.

Joe’s weakness and poor leadership is costing American companies millions of dollars. Just look at what Colonial pipeline had to pay out.

Colonial paid the hackers the demanded $4.4 million in ransom, something that Granholm personally is against doing.

In a separate Sunday interview – this time on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ – she said cyberattacks are a ‘huge issue’ in this United States right, and paying ransoms ‘exacerbate’ the problem ‘by sending a bad message.’

‘Everyone has to up their game – not just to protect themselves, but to tell the federal government if they are a target of an attack,’ she said on ‘Meet the Press.’

Joe’s energy secretary is making her rounds to different news outlets to demand companies up their game and shift responsibility while claiming Biden is not to blame.

‘Working with other countries, working with the private sector, working inside of our own government — the president has been issuing these executive orders, to make sure our own house is in order — [and] making sure that citizens are able to protect themselves’ is necessary to prevent cyberattacks.

Even liberals are questioning whether Biden is going to do anything to protect America’s infrastructure. ABC asked that very question.

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Raimondo was asked on ABC’s ‘This Week’ if the US should take a more aggressive approach to ransomware attacks that appear to largely be originating in Russia.

‘We won’t stand for a nation supporting or turning a blind eye to a criminal enterprise,’ Raimondo told host George Stephanopoulos.

‘And as the president has said, we are considering all of our options and we’re not taking anything off the table as we think about possible repercussions, consequences or retaliation.’

Interestingly, during the Trump administration, Biden and his friends were happy to talk tough about Russia. Now that Joe’s in charge, it confirms that it was just talking.

America and the rest of the world know that the Biden/Harris administration is all about tough talk and cowardly action.

The tragedy is that Biden’s weakness doesn’t just make him look bad. As we saw during the Colonial pipeline hack, he’s putting the entire nation at risk.


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