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Pro-Life Groups Named by Biden as “Extremist” and “National Security Threat”


As the evils of abortion come to light, those who support abortion are turning their hatred toward the pro-life. 

It seems Biden’s America wants to demonize pro-life groups out of existence!

Instead of focusing on actual hate groups like BLM and Antifa, the Biden admin now says that pro-life groups are our nation’s biggest threat.

This information surfaced in a declassified Biden Admin Report.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) assesses the domestic threats to national security.

In April, the Office of the DNI reported that “extremist” pro-life groups impose a security threat.

The report omits groups like BLM and Antifa, instead citing “abortion-related violent extremists” as posing a threat to America’s safety.

Disturbingly, by attacking the pro-life movement, the Left is attacking the unborn, our most vulnerable. 

The Western Journal has more on the story:

In the Senate last week, Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana asked Attorney General Merrick Garland why pro-life advocates were being treated the same as groups that spent much of the previous year wrecking the United States.

“To me this seemed like kind of a wild attack on the pro-life community,” Braun said, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It did not list groups like BLM and antifa, who have had a clear recent record of violent acts.”

“So can you explain what that was about?” Braun asked. “Why there would have been focus on that, and has there been a rash of incidents related to it?”

Garland said he didn’t know where pro-life groups fit into the “threat matrix” but suggested that they were not “listed at the high end of threat.”

He said the left-wing “anarchists” mentioned by Braun would fit into the report’s anti-government or anti-authority category — right alongside “[domestic violence extremists] with ideological agendas in support of pro-life or pro-choice beliefs.”

When was the last time pro-life advocates perpetrated an act of violence on par with torching businesses and attacking police officers?

If this has happened, why haven’t we heard about it? Does anyone believe the establishment media would neglect to report on a pro-life group targeting an abortion clinic, for example?

We haven’t heard about it because it has not happened recently.

What has happened recently, however, is a widespread assault by leftist mobs against their own countrymen.

This very real threat to national security has no business being mentioned in the same breath as the virtually non-existent violent extreme of the pro-life community.

The fact is that both pro-life extremists and far-left extremists are evil because they employ violence for political ends in a civilized society.

They should be targeted by law enforcement and prosecuted.

But one of these is clearly not like the other. It wasn’t the pro-life community that occupied the so-called CHOP zone in Seattle or laid siege to a federal courthouse in Portland.

And yet the Biden administration would have us believe the greatest domestic threat facing this country comes from the right.

This wicked assault on the pro-life movement is also bringing forward new “my body my choice” legislation.

The Women’s Health Protection Act was introduced in the Senate and House on June 8th. 

This act “would invalidate nearly all existing state limitations on abortion”.

Essentially, the act would allow abortion to occur to term, past 20 weeks when a baby can feel pain.

The bill would codify Roe V Wade in law and initiate the legal right to abortion in all 50 states under federal law.

The Arlington Catholic Herald has more on the Women’s Health Protection Act:

“This legislation would also prohibit states from adopting new protective laws in the future, including various types of laws specifically upheld as constitutionally permissible by the U.S. Supreme Court,” she said in a June 9 statement.

The measure was introduced in the Senate by Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., and in the House by Reps. Judy Chu, D-Calif., Lois Frankel, D-Fla., and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. Blumenthal first introduced the measure in 2013 and has reintroduced it off and on over the years.

The current measure has 48 Democrats as co-sponsors in the Senate; Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Bob Casey Jr., D-Pa., are not co-sponsoring it. In the House, there are 176 co-sponsors, all of whom are Democrats.

Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, said the measure “would essentially remove all legal protections for unborn children on the federal and state level. The Women’s Health Protection Act is, in effect, a no-limits-on-abortion-until-birth bill.”

“Tragically, the only ones to benefit from such a law would be abortionists and abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood,” she added. “This legislation endangers women and their unborn children, would expand taxpayer funding of abortion and would no longer require that a woman be given information about the development of her unborn child.”

The House and Senate bills would codify Roe v. Wade in law and establish the legal right to abortion in all 50 states under federal law.

The bill would nullify requirements to provide women seeking abortion with specific information on their unborn child and on alternatives to abortion; laws requiring a waiting period before a woman receives and abortion; laws allowing medical professionals to opt out of providing abortions; and laws stating that only licensed physicians can perform abortions.

According to National Right to Life, the measure also would end bans on elective abortions being performed after 20 weeks “when an unborn child is capable of feeling pain,” it said, and bans on the use of abortion as a method of sex selection.”

“Anti-sex selection laws generally have broad public support in the states in which they are enacted, including support from substantial majorities of women,” said a news release from National Right to Life.

“The bill would also invalidate most previously enacted federal limits on abortion, including federal conscience protection laws and most, if not all, limits on government funding of abortion,” the organization said.

The introductory paragraph in the companion bills states the aim is “to protect a person’s ability to determine whether to continue or end a pregnancy, and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide abortion services.”

Ahead of the November 2020 election, now-President Joe Biden and his running mate, now-Vice President Kamala Harris, had vowed to support congressional efforts to codify Roe in the event that Roe is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Biden also expressed his support for repealing the long-standing Hyde Amendment, which outlaws federal tax dollars from directly funding abortion except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the woman would be endangered.

The president’s American Rescue Plan became law in March with no Hyde Amendment language, and on May 28, the president released his federal budget proposal without the Hyde Amendment, which has been included in spending bills since 1976.

In separate statements the same day, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kan., chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Mercy Sister Mary Haddad, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association, acknowledged the Biden budget proposal has a number of provisions to help vulnerable Americans but said it is remiss in leaving out Hyde, which protects the most vulnerable — the unborn.

Thankfully, Republicans are vowing to fight the Women’s Health Protection Act.

But by doing so, will they be labeled as “extremists”?

We have a video from EWTN with more on the pro-life Republicans’ fight:

How can a group promoting life be dangerous to life?

Being pro-life is only a danger to the evil lurking in our world.

And clearly dangerous to Planned Parenthood’s pocketbook. 

While the Left has always attacked those who support life, this new “extremist” label for the pro-life movement is pure vile disinformation.

It’s time we turn to God and ask him to protect the unborn, as Biden’s clown world is quickly becoming a circus. 

Our pro-life President can’t come back soon enough!

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