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Amazon Defends Selling ‘Blue Lives Murder’ Apparel


Amazon defends selling ‘blue lives murder’ apparel claiming that they want to provide their customers with the ‘widest possible selection’ of goods.

While just about every conservative disavows this type of apparel they would defend a companies right to sell whatever they want so long as they remained consistent in that business practice.

For Amazon that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have selectively banned t-shirts mocking Kamala Harris and even removed a book “When Harry Became Sally” because it was deemed to be critical of the LGBTQ+ community.

Clearly, Amazon is more worried about being ‘woke’ than they are about carrying through with consistent business practices.

The Blaze reports:

In the face of mounting criticism from law enforcement organizations, Amazon defended the sale of anti-police apparel on its online marketplace, saying it wants to provide customers “with the widest possible selection” of goods.

“We do not endorse the content of any particular book, video, or product,” an Amazon spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beaconrecently in response to questions regarding its continued sale of apparel marked with the slogan “Blue Lives Murder.”

“We understand that some customers may find some products objectionable, and we provide customers with a variety of ways to engage and express their views, including through product reviews,” the company added in a statement.

TheBlaze reported earlier this month that despite more than a year of repeated complaints from pro-police organizations, “Blue Lives Murder” products — such as a blue T-shirt being sold for $39.99, a black T-shirt, and face masks — were still available for purchase on Amazon’s website.

Since then, it appears that a black baseball cap for $16.99 and an outdoor headscarf for $15.99 have been added to the list of options, though the Free Beacon reported that those products may be removed soon.

Amazon’s refusal to remove the blatantly anti-police products stands in contrast to its swift removal of products deemed offensive to progressive figures such as Vice President Kamala Harris and movements such as the transgender ideology.

The tech giant has acted in the past to remove T-shirts mocking Harris and announced this year that it would no longer “sell books that frame LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness” following its deplatformingof Ryan T. Anderson’s bestseller, “When Harry Became Sally.”

In February, Amazon pulled a documentary about conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month without explanation. And in 2019, the company kowtowed to the progressive Council on American-Islamic Relations and removed a litany of products — including bath mats and doormats — considered offensive to Muslims.

It’s ironic that the left which claims to be against what they call hate speech would blindly look past what is being sold on Amazon. The same men and women who rush into danger to protect everyone regardless of how they identify are being openly admonished by one of the largest retail outlets in the world.

All conservatives are looking for is a little consistency when it comes to business practices by companies like Amazon rather than obsessing over being ‘woke’.

Rest assured the woke obsession will one day backfire!

The Washington Free Beacon also reported:

Amazon has banned T-shirts mocking Vice President Kamala Harris and books critical of transgender ideology, but allows the sale of memorabilia proclaiming “Blue Lives Murder.”

Through Amazon, clothing makers are selling T-shirts, hats, bandannas, and masks that feature the anti-police slogan. Today for just $15.99 users can buy a “Blue Lives Murder” adjustable face mask and—for only $1 more—a baseball cap bearing the same slogan. Amazon defended the products, saying it strives to provide its customers “with the widest possible selection” of goods.

“We do not endorse the content of any particular book, video, or product,” an Amazon spokeswoman said.

Gerald Neill Jr., president of the Fraternal Order of Police DC Lodge #1, accused the tech giant of failing to live up to its standards by allowing the “hate items” to remain on the site. Amazon has cracked down on other political products, including a “Joe and the Hoe” T-shirt, for violating its “selling guidelines.” The site also banned Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally because, the platform said, it “frame[d] LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.” The union chief said the “Blue Lives Murder” merchandise is offensive and dangerous.

“Amazon has a role in society as an industry leader to set a high standard, and they’re not doing that,” Neill said. “I think Amazon is not being evenhanded.”

Some merchandise bearing the slogan was removed from the website following inquiries from the Washington Free Beacon. T-shirt maker Morgan Schai removed a T-shirt featuring a billy-club wielding officer above the slogan. The company did not respond to requests for comment about the T-shirt itself or the decision to remove it. A spokesman for Nevoli, another clothing maker, told the Free Beacon that a hat bearing the phrase will be removed from the website soon.

Other anti-police products still remain on the website. Amazon, which did not respond to follow-ups about the removal of several items, said it would not take action against such merchandise. A spokeswoman said customers can express their dissatisfaction in reviews and comment areas.

Aside from being unethical, some lawmakers are looking to go after Amazon for selling merchandise that looks to incentivize violence against police.


Do you agree with Amazon selling this merchandise on their website? Let us know in the comments below!


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