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Medical Jim Crow in the U.S. Military – Unvaccinated West Point Cadets Forced to Live in a Single Tent


We’ve seen numerous examples in recent weeks of medical, Jim Crow-style segregation in the United States.

Although prior examples revolved around public spheres for American citizens, these latest reports reveal the same treatment inflicted upon unvaccinated West Point cadets.

According to parents of cadets, those unvaccinated from the experimental COVID-19 jabs were forced to cram together in the same tent.

And this treatment will continue for the duration of summer training.

Despite roughly 97% of West Point cadets having received the experimental jab, theoretically achieving herd immunity, the commanding officers insist on the discrimination against those expressing their rights not to participate in a medical experiment.

In essence, it’s a de facto mandate and a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

One egregious offender who stands out is West Point medical officer Col. Laura Dawson.

An anonymous source claimed Dawson chastised cadets refusing to be vaccinated by calling them “grandma killers” and “science deniers.”

It appears this medical officer only believes in pseudo-science and refuses to follow ethical conduct of informing young cadets the potential adverse reactions of the experimental jab.

Children’s Health Defense had the scoop:

Parents of Army cadets at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) report the academy’s leadership is forcing 37 unvaccinated cadets to live in a tent designed for 20 people during the academy’s June and July Cadet Field Training program.

Cadet Field Training is a summer training requirement in which selected Firsties (seniors) and Cows (juniors) lead Yearlings (sophomores) in small-unit tactical operations.

Vaccinated cadets will live in open-bay barracks by platoons, with a small separate section for female cadets. The barracks have electricity for fans during the hot summer months in New York, and separate male and female latrines and showers.

Unvaccinated cadets now live in a mixed-rank coed tent.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits any entity or employer from  mandating an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) product, which includes all COVID vaccines being administered in the U.S. The law applies to the military, unless it is granted a presidential waiver.

In the case of COVID mRNA vaccines, the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) Inspector General newsletter has publicly upheld this longstanding FDA policy — which means West Point is violating federal law by enacting a de facto mandate.

West Point leadership has a duty to uphold federal law. Furthermore, the Nuremberg Code enumerated in detail that medical interventions cannot be coerced, and that doctors must offer treatment alternatives, with established safety and efficacy, to any experimental drug.

Military vaccine exemption policy accepts proof of natural immunity from prior infection in lieu of vaccination. Overall, only 139 of 4,000 cadets in the corps have not been vaccinated, according to documents obtained by Military Freedom Keepers. And herd immunity has been achieved at 97%, far exceeding the recommended >60% naturally acquired immunity in populations to protect the elderly and infants.

West Point’s departure from science-based health policy raises questions about ethics. Will healthy unvaccinated cadets live in tents in the winter? Will officers and enlisted personnel also be removed from housing to live in tents — or does this discriminatory segregation policy apply only to cadets?

According to the latest policy, unvaccinated cadets must also wear masks, which could  undermine cohesion in the ranks. It would be illegal to require service members with other infectious diseases to add an additional item to their uniforms that would single them out on the basis of a medical issue.

One officer at West Point, who did not want to be named, described how he was aggressively counseled on his supervisor’s intent to be merciless about reprimanding any mask-wearing violations.

The unvaccinated officer also must keep his office door closed, despite everyone else in his department being vaccinated. And he was required to physically enter the vaccination site on post and sign a DOD refusal form.


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