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Fauci Warned European Health Advisors in Spring 2020 That COVID-19 Lab Leak was Possible


Not only is Dr. Fraudci a serial liar and corrupt bureaucrat, but he is wildly incompetent.

So, it’s no surprise that the medical overlord did a horrendous job covering his tracks.

On Face the Nation, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb essentially ratted out Fauci for his knowledge of potentially a lab leak causing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fauci’s emails already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and other scientists conspired to conceal COVID-19’s true origin.

But these new revelations reveal the utter deceit Fauci displayed to the American people.

Here’s the clip:

Fauci already knew the strain looked unusual and it could potentially have been genetically engineered.

This is what the con-artist told European health officials.

However, he dismissed the idea when briefing Americans.

Forbes reported:

The Sunday revelation from Gottlieb follows attacks from Republicans who have seized on a newly released trove of Dr. Fauci’s emails to accuse him of dismissing the lab leak theory last year. In the emails, made public after the Washington Post and Buzzfeed News obtained his emails through a FOIA request, Fauci thanks the zoologist and head of the controversial virus research nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, for praising him for publicly dismissing the lab-leak theory. Fauci has since defended the emails, saying his stance has not changed, as he has “always said” and still believes “the most likely origin is from an animal species to a human,” but that he is going to keep an “open mind” about the possibility of a lab leak.


“I don’t think there was anything remarkable in those emails,” said Gottlieb. “I certainly don’t think there was anything that [Fauci] said that expressed any ill intent, and nothing that was new.”

Gottlieb likely had the intent to defend Fauci with his comments, but in reality, it only poses more questions.

Why would Fauci assert his suspicions of a lab leak to world health leaders but not to the American public?

How many other of these medical bureaucrats conspired to conceal the lab leak origins from the general population?

And why did they work with Big Tech companies to silence anyone who mentioned a lab leak possibility?

Just how deep does this lab leak rabbit hole run?

That’s why the American public should demand a criminal investigation into Fraudci.


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