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Pentagon Is Considering Flying LGBTQ Flags At Military Bases


First U.S. Embassies decided to raise “pride” flags and now the Pentagon is considering to do the same at our military bases.

Reports have shown that the Pentagon is reviewing a policy that was instituted last year by the Trump administration that only allowed the American flag, the POW/MIA flag, or other flags of U.S. Allies.

If Trump’s policy is overturned then it will give the Pentagon an open door to display the “pride flag” at U.S. military bases across the world.

Currently the Pentagon has not giving an answer on whether or not the “pride” flag will be able to be displayed but if it does get approved then our military would be the laughing stock of Russia and China.

CNN was one of the first outlets to break the story, see what they had to share:

The Pentagon is reviewing a policy instituted last year that limits which flags can be displayed at military bases.

The review comes as Pride Month is being celebrated throughout June. If changes are made to the current policy it could open the door to allowing the rainbow Pride flag to be displayed. But a senior defense official strongly cautioned no decisions have been made because any change could result in any number of cause-related flags and symbols being displayed on military installations. “This goes beyond the issue of the Pride flag,” the official said.

“The truth is we haven’t resolved it yet,” the official said about any potential changes. The discussions involve Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s legal staff. Austin is aware of the matter, the official said.

The current policy, put in place last July by former Trump appointed Defense Secretary Mark Esper, was part of an effort to ban the display of the Confederate flag and other potential hate symbols on bases in the midst of last summer’s racial tension.

“The flags we fly must accord with the military imperatives of good order and discipline, treating all our people with dignity and respect, and rejecting divisive symbols,” Esper said at the time.

Esper’s July 2020 memo listed specific flags that were approved for display on bases. The flags listed included the American flag and the POW/MIA flag which are widely displayed. The memo also permitted the displaying of the flags of US allies.

The Hill didn’t stay silent, check out what they shared:

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The Pentagon is reviewing a policy which limits certain flags that can be displayed at military bases, CNN reported on Tuesday.

The new changes to the policy could allow symbols such as the Pride flag being displayed at their bases, though an official said in the CNN report that no changes have been made yet, suggesting concerns over whether other cause-related flags and symbols could be displayed.

“This goes beyond the issue of the Pride flag,” an official said in the CNN report.

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper (R) put in place the current policy, which banned Confederate flags and other hate symbols being displayed at their military bases last summer.

According to CNN, Esper put out a memo in July 2020, establishing that the American flag and the POW/MIA flag will be flown at the bases. The Pride flag was included in that memo as well.

Call me old school but I believe only the red white and blue should be flying at our embassies not the red, white blue, green, purple orange, etc…


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