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“Shots at the Shop.” Racist Joe Targets Barber Shops & Beauty Salons to Vaccinate Black & Brown Americans


Is this what Biden thinks of all black and brown Americans?

That everyone in the community hangs around the barber shop or beauty salon all day?

That’s apparently the case since Biden announced his “Shots at the Shop” initiative for the month of June to vaccinate more members of black and brown communities.

Biden called the shops “hubs of activity and information.”

And that barbers and stylists will act as advocates to get their communities vaccinated.

How ridiculous to insinuate more black and brown Americans will get the experimental jab just because barber shops and beauty salons are forced to double as vaccination sites?

And what makes him think the barbers and stylists will support or advocate the experimental jabs?

But this is the way Democrats think.

People can’t be an individual with their preferred hubs of information and communication.

They group everyone by race, religion, etc. and assume they think the same.

Just like Biden saying if you don’t vote for him, then you ain’t black.

This is no different.

Biden and his cronies assume everyone in the community gets their info from the barber shop or beauty salon.

But tone-deaf Democrats think it’s a jolly idea:


From The Washington Post:

Declaring June a “national month of action,” the administration wants to incentivize Americans who are hesitant about getting vaccinated with a range of perks, including free food delivery, baseball tickets, Xboxes and chances to win cruise tickets, groceries for a year and free airline flights.

The White House also announced the launch of a handful of community-based outreach initiatives, including blanketing local media, providing colleges with resources and launching an effort to recruit 1,000 Black-owned barbershops and beauty salons across the country.

The more aggressive push to vaccinate Americans comes as just under 63 percent of American adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine, but demand is dropping and the remaining unvaccinated population is becoming harder to reach and convince that the vaccine is safe.

As part of the announcement, Biden underscored the safety and efficacy of the authorized vaccines, while warning of the dangers of remaining unvaccinated heading into the fall.

“For all the progress we’re making as a country, if you are unvaccinated, you are still at risk of getting seriously ill or dying or spreading disease to others, especially when Americans spend more time indoors again, closely gathered in the fall,” Biden said in his speech announcing the initiatives.

Drawing on political campaign tactics, Biden said the vaccination efforts will include canvassing and phone and texting banks to reach people in areas with low vaccination rates.

“We need everyone across the country to pull together to get us over the finish line,” he said.

Speaking to the partisan divides in vaccine uptake, Biden emphasized the Trump administration’s role in developing the vaccines. Many conservative areas, in particular, lag behind in vaccinating their populations as rates vary widely across the country. Some states have given at least one dose to two-thirds of the population, while others have reached slightly more than one-third.

“Getting the vaccine is not a partisan act,” Biden said. “The science was done under Democratic and Republican administrations. Matter of fact, the first vaccines were authorized under a Republican president.”

The private-sector enticements include a CVS-run sweepstakes to win free cruises, tickets to Super Bowl LVI and cash prizes; gift cards from DoorDash; free tickets to Major League Baseball games for those vaccinated at stadiums; Xboxes distributed by Microsoft through Boys and Girls Clubs in hard-hit areas; free groceries from Kroger; and a sweepstakes run by United Airlines to win a year of free flights.


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