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Creepy Joe Stops Speech to Whisper to Two Underage Girls


Imagine for a second…

President Trump is giving a speech to a massive crowd.

But then he suddenly stops.


To approach two 5 year old girls to whisper something privately to them.

What do you think the reaction would be?

Don’t you think the media would call him creepy?

Don’t you think the Democrats would be trying to turn it into something perverted?

We all know that’s what would have happened.

Yet… Joe Biden ACTUALLY did that yesterday.

But the difference is that “Creepy Joe” is called “Creepy Joe” for a reason.

He has a long history of smelling girls’ hair, touching them, and talking about kids touching the hair on his legs.


Watch the video from yesterday of Creepy Joe stopping a speech just to whisper to two underage girls:

There is certainly a pattern going on here.

Just a few days before this latest incident, Joe Biden commented on ANOTHER underage girl.

He claimed that that girl looked like she was 19 years old, though she was clearly a minor.

She obviously was a minor — or else why would Joe need to specify that she looks like she’s over the legal age?

The Daily Mail reports that the girl is in elementary school:

Joe Biden has been slammed for ‘creepy’ remarks he made about a young girl during a speech at a Virginia military base on Friday.

The Commander-in-chief, 78, went off-script to point out the ‘elementary school- aged’ girl as he delivered an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis ahead of Memorial Day.

‘I love those barrettes in your hair, man,’ the President said to the girl, who was sitting at the side of the stage

‘I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,’ Biden bizarrely continued.

The girl’s mother had reportedly introduced Biden to the stage prior to his speech. Her full name and aged have not been publicly released.

Footage of Biden’s odd remarks was shared to The Post Millennial’s Twitter page, with many users perturbed by what they heard.

‘Your president people… there is a reason they don’t let him talk in front of cameras often..’ one stated.

‘He’s socially awkward. He says it like he’s trying to be sweet. Innocent in his head meanwhile everyone else is like ‘Uhhh what??” the person wrote on Twitter.

‘[But I] Gotta agree with some comments here. If Trump said it then it would have been front page news. That’s how biased our news outlets are.’

The President’s press team have not addressed the remark.

This creepy behavior is nothing new.

Biden has been doing this for years.

Biden once talked about his hairy legs.

He also said, “I love kids jumping on my lap.”

Again, can you imagine President Trump saying the same thing?

If he did just a fraction of what Biden has done and said, he would have been crucified by the mainstream media.

Yet Biden appears to get a pass.

Watch below:

Of course, the media will attempt to spin this as something innocent.

Here is how The Hill covered the story:

President Biden paused at the beginning of a speech Tuesday to make sure two young girls would get ice cream.

During a speech in Tulsa, Okla., Biden stopped to attend to two young girls in the audience before returning to the podium to joke about the interaction.

“I just had to make sure that two girls got ice cream when this is over,” Biden told the audience.

“Almost 5 years old coming to hear a president speak. My lord. In my faith we call that purgatory,” Biden added.

Biden was in Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the city’s 1921 race massacre, where 300 black people died and their businesses were burned to the ground. He unveiled a plan to advance racial equity in the country.

What do you think?

Was this just an innocent incident with Grandpa Joe?

Or is this indicative of a dangerous pattern by Creepy Joe?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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