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New From Mike Lindell: Children’s Bible Story Pillows!


Add this to the list of reasons we love Mike Lindell….

I had no idea he even sold these until I found them today looking for gifts on MyPillow.

Now I’ll be getting these for each of my kids, they are at the perfect age for this!

I think you’re going to love these.

There are five different Bible Story Pillows and each one tells a different Bible story!

The front tells the story in pictures and the back tells the story in words.

From MyPillow:

I absolutely love a man like Mike Lindell using his platform and his power to do something like this!

Exactly what I would do if I had a platform like Mike does.

Well done, Mike, well done!

Now, here’s the best part….if you want to get some of these, you can purchase direct from and save 50% on your purchase using promo code WLT!

Here’s what people are saying about the Bible Story Pillows:

Thank you for supporting Mike!

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