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Tyranny In Toronto: Tickets and Big Fines for Shaking Hands?


“Two weeks to flatten the curve” has now turned into tickets and big fines for…..shaking someones hand?

Yes, happening right now in Toronto.

And I have the video below to prove it.

I don’t want to be “I Told You So Guy” but I told you when they first started the fraudulent two weeks to flatten the curve that this was a very dangerous path to go down.

Now you see why.

Once tyrants get power, they NEVER willingly give it up.

And the good little foot soldiers doing their bidding start to get off on the power trip.

Flight attendants are the worst, in my experience.

Unfortunately, some police officers are not far behind.

Watch this horrible video sent to me by a reader who lives in Toronto.

See it here on Rumble:

So sad….

We have to take back our world folks!

We all need to rise up and tell them to stick these tickets and fines where the sun don’t shine and let the brown stains soil these tickets because that’s all they’re good for!

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