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Former Transgendered People Caution About Ease of Access to Gender Reassignment Surgeries


“60 Minutes” used to be known for its in-depth, investigative journalism but lately it seemed to have become just another shill for the democratic party.

However, a piece done by Leslie Stahl this Sunday harkened back to the old days when she went into the harmful effects of the new push for psychologists to accept the diagnoses of gender dysphoria, without question, forcing people to de-transition later on in life when they realize that changing their gender did not solve their problems.

Here’s a segment from the “60 Minutes” piece printed in the Daily Wire:

Lesley Stahl: Did the therapist not question you about how deep the feeling was and what it was stemming from?

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: She didn’t go — really go into what my gender dysphoria might’ve been stemming from. We only did a few sessions.

Lesley Stahl (NARRATION): Because she was over 18 and didn’t need parental consent, she says she merely signed an informed consent form at a clinic and got hormone shots.

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: They asked me, “So, why do you wanna go on testosterone?” And I said, “Well, being a woman just isn’t working for me anymore.” And they said, “Okay.”

Lesley Stahl: So, that was that. You got your prescription for testosterone?

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: Uh-huh. Yup.

Lesley Stahl (NARRATION): Just four months after she started testosterone, she says she was approved for a mastectomy, what’s called top surgery, that she told us was traumatic.

Lesley Stahl: You know, I’m kinda surprised because, based on everything you’ve said up to now, I would’ve thought you’d have a great sense of relief.

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: I started to have a really disturbing sense that like a part of my body was missing, almost a ghost limb feeling about being like, there’s something that should be there. And the feeling really surprised me but it was really hard to deny.

Lesley Stahl (NARRATION):And so she detransitioned by going off testosterone and then went back to the clinic and, she says, complained to the doctor that the process didn’t follow the WPATH guidelines.

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: I can’t believe that I transitioned and detransitioned, including hormones and surgery, in the course of, like, less than one year. It’s completely crazy.

CBS printed the entire transcript of the piece that describes how doctors are actually afraid to speak out against treating “gender dysphoria” with anything but affirmation:

Laura Edwards-Leeper was the first psychologist at the first major youth gender clinic in the U.S. at Boston Children’s Hospital. She says she has helped hundreds of teens and young adults transition successfully after a comprehensive assessment.

Lesley Stahl: Do you have conversations with your colleagues about this whole area of accepting what young people are saying too readily?

Dr. Laura Edwards-Leeper: Yes. Everyone is very scared to speak up because we’re afraid of not being seen as being affirming or being supportive of these young people or doing something to hurt the trans community. But even some of the providers are trans themselves and share these concerns.

There’s no confirmed number of detransitioners in the U.S., though their percentage among the more than 1.4 million transgender Americans is assumed to be small. They are becoming more public though. We found a Reddit detransition support group with over 19,000 members worldwide, some saying they changed their minds because of family pressure or discrimination in employment and other areas or simply regret. We also interviewed more than 30 detransitioners, who say they also had experienced regret, including these four, who hadn’t met before now.

Lesley Stahl: How many of you feel that you were blindly affirmed?

Garrett: I didn’t get enough pushback on transitioning. I went for two appointments and after the second one I had, like, my letter to go get on cross-sex hormones.

Lesley Stahl: Two visits? That’s it?

Garrett: Uh-huh.

All four tell us they learned about transitioning on the internet where there are transformation videos on youtube, trans influencers and forums.

Transgender Influencer: I’ve just never been able to be me. But I can now.

For Daisy in Chicago, who says she started taking hormones at 18, everything was great in the beginning.

Daisy: After every step that you take, every milestone, feels like a million bucks. When I got top surgery I was elated. When I changed my name I was elated. But when everything that I had set out to do was done, I still felt incomplete.

Garrett from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, went from taking hormones to getting his testicles removed, he says in just three months, whereas the current guidelines call for continuous use for a year. He later got a breast augmentation. But, instead of feeling more himself, he says he felt worse.

Lesley Stahl: So more depressed after you transitioned than before.

Garrett: I had never really been suicidal before until I had my breast augmentation. And about a week afterwards I wanted to, like, actually kill myself. Like, I had a plan and I was gonna do it but I just kept thinking about, like, my family to stop myself. It kind of felt like how am I ever going to feel normal again, like other guys now?

Tucker Carlson covered this topic in-depth last night, including an interview with a man named Billy Burleigh who details his horrific quest to find out why he was struggling with gender dysphoria.

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After transitioning twice and going through a penile inversion, brow shave, and Adam’s apple shave, he finally realized that changing his gender did not solve his problem with depression.

Eventually, Billy Burleigh gave his life to God and says he has finally been able to come to terms with himself.

According to The Wrap, GLAAD, the advocacy group for the LGBTQ community slammed the “60 Minutes” piece calling it “shameful.”

I think what is shameful is that beautiful children are being led astray in their formative years and manipulated into becoming something they are not.

Several states are considering blocking transgender treatment for minors, which seems like an extremely reasonable measure.

Let’s hope they have the courage to go through with it.


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