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This is the Woman Telling the CDC What To Do To Your Children


If it wasn’t clear just how much Biden is married to the teacher’s union, what has happened these last few weeks has removed all doubt.

What did the endorsement of 3 million teachers cost Biden? It seems that we now have the answer. 

According to reports, Biden has given the teachers union power to dictate CDC policy and takes the power of choice out of parent’s hands. 

In a recent interview with C-Span, teacher union president Randi Weingarten admitted that teacher unions helped Biden draft CDC guidelines. 

Here’s the video on Rumble:

In the video, Weingarten acknowledges that the CDC took their opinions and desires and incorporated them into their guidelines.

The only goal of the teachers union is to get the best possible deal for its members. It’s not a charity. It’s a conglomerate.

There is a massive conflict of interest when Biden gives an organization whose sole goal is to enrich itself the power to limit everyone else’s freedom.

Things escalated this week as the teachers union president discussed how she still wants kids under 12 to be masked and distanced.

Breitbart has more on this story.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten argued that in elementary schools, “we’re going to have to still keep wearing our masks and be physically distant so that we don’t have outbreaks.” And urged the CDC to issue guidance saying this for children under 12.

Host Nicolle Wallace asked, “So, Randi, what you would like is for the CDC to issue guidance saying that any child under 12 should wear a mask in school and continue to social distance, I think it’s three feet now, not six. Would that be helpful?”

Weingarten responded, “Correct.” She added, “In elementary schools, until we have the vaccines, it seems like, unfortunately, we’re going to have to still keep wearing our masks and be physically distant so that we don’t have outbreaks. Because we want to have school open.”

You read that right. Weingarten just stated she wants the CDC to update and add to their recommendations based on her assessment of what is appropriate, not on the science or data. It’s based on what teachers want.

It turns out the CDC didn’t have to do all that research after all. They could have just asked Weingarten what they should do.

This move hurts children above anyone else. For children’s parents that refuse to force a mask on their children, Weingarten is strong-arming the CDC to give her the ammunition to deny them access to in-person education.

All of this is happening in Joe Biden’s America. In exchange for the presidency, he offered up America’s children and their freedoms to the whims and wants of a union that is only in it for themselves.

While the Left pushes to force-mask our children, here they are enjoying their mask-free lives. Hypocrisy at its finest.



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