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Joe Biden Loses It and Insults Coast Guard; Calls them “Dull” When They Refuse to Clap


Joe Biden just suffered his own “please clap” moment.

Biden was speaking at a commencement ceremony for the Coast Guard.

He was reading off a teleprompter and was giving a typical speech. There wasn’t really anything to get excited about.

Then suddenly, Joe Biden appeared to lose it in the middle of his speech.


Because the Coast Guard wasn’t clapping.

So he insulted the graduating class and called them “dull.”

But Biden didn’t stop there.

He appeared to imply that the sun had fried their minds and that’s why they weren’t cheering him.

See the awkward moment below:

Imagine if President Trump had called the Coast Guard “dull.”

The media and their friends in the Democrat party would have had a field day.

They would have accused Trump of being divisive and attacking the military.

Yet… Joe Biden does this frequently and no one seems to call him out on it.

Compare Biden’s attitude towards the military to Trump.

Trump had the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform.

But Biden can only call them “dull.”

The New York Post called it a “wild” moment:

Is this thing on?

President Biden’s jokes fell flat at the US Coast Guard Academy’s graduation ceremony Wednesday leading him to call the grads a “dull class” while boasting of his own college exploits including a fire-extinguisher assault on his dorm’s RA.

Biden attempted to earn laughs at the expense of the US Navy, and like a bad stand-up whose set is dying, when the cadets didn’t respond, he turned on them.

“I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is quote, ‘the hard nucleus around [which] the Navy forms in times of war,’” Biden said, to crickets, at the outdoor event in New London, Conn.

Biden then jeered his crowd: “You are a — you are a really dull class. I mean, come on, man, is the sun getting to you? I would think you would have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap.”

That jab earned nervous laughter from the cadets and a smattering of applause.

At two other points, Biden actually requested applause from the crowd.

“You can clap, come on, man,” Biden said when he joked about cadets spending “too much time at the Slice,” a local pizza parlor.

He again encouraged the crowd to clap when he praised the academy’s Bravo Company for winning a football game against a rival set of cadets.

“Congratulations the Bravo Company, by the way, on your victory. You can clap. It’s okay. Even if you’re lost, you gotta clap,” Biden said.

Biden later said he would “absolve” the graduates of any misdeeds from their time at the school.

The president told the cadets that as a University of Delaware student in the 1960s, he committed “minor infractions like using a fire extinguisher to hose down an RA.”

Biden also gave some remarks on foreign affairs during his speech.

The president touted a recent US-Taiwan agreement involving the Coast Guard and promoted US cooperation with Ecuador to chase off a Chinese fishing fleet in 2020 near the Galapagos Islands.

“Our new agreement for the Coast Guard to partner with Taiwan will help ensure we are positioned to better respond to shared threats in the region, and to conduct coordinated humanitarian and environmental missions,” Biden said.

The Beijing-based Chinese Communist government considers Taiwan a rogue capitalist province and US leaders since the 1970s have generally refrained from treating the island as an independent entity.

Biden also called the Persian Gulf the “Arabian Gulf” in an apparent snub of Iran, which he slammed for harassing US ships.

If this is how Joe Biden treats our servicemen and women, it’s scary to wonder what he thinks about every day American citizens.

As though this wasn’t embarrassing enough, the White House made the situation even worse.


They attempted to edit the transcript of Biden’s speech.

That’s right: instead of allowing history to speak for itself, the White House wanted to alter the record of what actually happened.

Red State has some more details:

Whether he has a transcript or not, President Biden’s speeches are the types of disastrous events where his handlers pray to God that he escapes without embarrassing himself and/or the high office he holds too much.

Unfortunately for them (and us) today was not a day Biden avoided a cringeworthy moment. To make matters worse for the White House, it was all caught on video. As my colleague Bonchie reported earlier, Biden was giving the 140th commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy shortly before lunchtime when this happened:

Did you notice how after he said “I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, quote, ‘The hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war,’” that nobody laughed? That was the whole reason why he made his “you’re a really dull class” comment. It’s easy enough to see from the video, of course, but if you read the official transcript the White House put out this afternoon of his Coast Guard speech, you’ll notice they added something after Biden’s Navy “joke” that did not happen (bolded emphasis added):

I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, quote, “The hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war.” (Laughter.)

You are a quiet — you’re a really dull class. (Laughter.) I mean, come on, man. Is the sun getting to you? (Laughter.) I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap, but — but being here together — (applause).

Here’s a screen grab of where “laughter” was added to the transcript in case they decide to pull a stealth edit later in response to the criticism they’re getting for pulling this stunt:

As failed 2016 GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush will tell you after learning the hard way, having to beg for acknowledgment or applause from an audience after you’ve said something you think is profound or after you’ve told a joke is humiliating enough. But it being added into a transcript despite the fact that it did not happen makes the whole thing even more embarrassing.

Below, we encourage you to compare the transcript from the White House to the video of what actually happened.

So what do you think?

Was this just an awkward moment?

Or is this a testament of what the people actually think about Joe Biden?

Let us know in the comments below!


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