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Check Out President Trump’s Latest Roast Of RINOs Opposing The AZ Audit

The 45th President slammed establishment Republicans who remain silent or weak on the issue of The Arizona election audit.


They’re ALL WEAK!

President Trump hit it right on the nose as usual. The Arizona audit is one of the biggest stories in the country right now, but unsurprisingly many have turned a blind eye to it.

It is not being discussed like it should according to DJT.

I want to take this opportunity to point out that unfortunately the only time it IS discussed by GOP establishment members is to downplay the whole thing.

If nothing happened though, if there truly is nothing to hide, then why try everything you can to avoid talking about the situation.

There’s nothing to fear from ‘baseless’ claims of conspiracy now is there?

Could it be that many of them are going to be implicated when the facts slowly roll out?

My money is on that being exactly the case.

Here’s more on the latest from President Trump:

The Epoch Times penned President Trump's response: 

Republicans across the country should be talking about the 2020 election audit happening in Arizona’s largest county, former President Donald Trump asserted in a new interview.

“That’s all people ask me. They say ‘what’s going on in Arizona?’ They want to talk about the election fraud. The weak Republicans don’t want to talk about it. The weak or stupid or RINOs [Republican in name only], call them whatever you want, and yet the Republican voter, that’s what they want to hear,” Trump told One America News in an interview that first aired late Thursday.

“They want to hear about 2020. They want to find out, is that something that should be turned over? When they rob a jewelry store of all the diamonds and they get caught, you have to return the diamonds. They want to find out what’s going on. The Republican voter wants the story. The weak Republican politician doesn’t want to talk about this story because they think it’s bad politically,” Trump said.

The former president disagrees.

“I think it’s great politically,” he said.

In related news CNN had some info about the upcoming Trump rallies: 

Former President Donald Trump plans to resume his signature campaign-style rallies in a series of battleground states this summer as he inches closer to a decision on whether to mount a comeback presidential bid in 2024.

"We'll be doing one in Florida, we're going to do one in Ohio, we're going to do one in North Carolina," the 45th President told the right-wing media outfit One America News in an interview Thursday, adding that he would release a rally schedule "relatively soon."
"We'll be announcing them very soon over the next week or two," Trump said.

Aides close to the ex-President's political operation previously told CNN that Trump has been eager to return to the rally stage since earlier this year and had tasked a small group of advisers to look into the logistics of planning such events. 

The freewheeling MAGA rallies -- some of which ran more than two hours in below-freezing temperatures near the end of his 2020 campaign -- have long been Trump's primary way of galvanizing his core supporters and generating headlines.


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