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Abuse of Power? Pelosi Suggests House May Ban Unvaccinated, Unmasked Republicans


Nancy Pelosi has abused her power for far to long.

Of all the democrats currently in office, this vile woman may be the most corrupted by her power.

Pelosi spent four years undermining President Donald Trump.

She’s acted childishly by ripping up speeches and scolding fellow House members like they were school children.

She’s given fines to republicans for not wearing masks while she’s been caught several times without hers.

She went to a hair salon while the rest of the country was forced to stay at home, and then turned around and blamed the salon owner.

I’ll say it again:

She’s a vile woman corrupted with power.

The latest example of this came when Pelosi decided to keep the mask mandate on the House floor despite CDC guidelines advising the contrary.

Pelosi has taken that a step further now, as she recently suggested that unmasked and unvaccinated republicans may need to be banned from the House floor.

For more on Pelosi's latest power play, here's the Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’ll keep the House floor mask mandate until there is proof all lawmakers are vaccinated, scoffing at “an honor system.”

The California Democrat also blamed Republicans as untrustworthy vaccine holdouts and said she may eventually force them to vote in a separate location from the House floor.

Pelosi suggested the House could ban unvaccinated GOP lawmakers from the House floor and force them to vote in a special vestibule on the third floor of the Capitol, above the chamber.

“The honor system, as to whether somebody is vaccinated?” the California Democrat said, appearing incredulous when asked Thursday about whether she’ll keep the mask mandate indefinitely if some do not get the shot.

“Do you want them breathing in your face, on the strength of their honor?”

Pelosi and Republicans have been engaged in a bitter battle about the mask mandate since last week when the CDC recommended those who are fully vaccinated can shed their masks, indoor and outdoors.

Pelosi has maintained the mandate in the House chamber and in committees, blaming unvaccinated Republicans. All House Democratic lawmakers are vaccinated.

Democrats blocked a resolution Wednesday that would have ended the mask mandate.

Listen to the language used by the Speaker of the House here:

"Do you want them breathing in your face, on the strength of their honor?"

This is just another attempt to villify anyone who disagrees with this tyrant.

Pelosi is treating republicans like second class citizens.

This all comes after she has continuously broken CDC guidelines for the last year.

Remember the salon visit?

Rep. Thomas Massie, who was recently fined by Pelosi for not wearing a mask, shared this video from the same day, which shows Pelosi and her democrat colleagues maskless while also not social distancing:

Again, this is all about power for Pelosi, and nothing else...

According to a new story from Breitbart, Elise Stefanik says this whole pandemic was just an excuse for Pelosi to "coalesce power:"

In her interview with Breitbart News, Stefanik slammed Pelosi for not keeping the House’s mask policies in line with the CDC guidelines and noted that Pelosi has used the coronavirus pandemic to coalesce power in her favor.

Stefanik said, “Speaker Pelosi is not a health official, she should follow the CDC guidelines, and the House Physician should follow the CDC guidelines. It’s unfortunate she has used the pandemic to grab and coalesce power, and the American people are frustrated and starting to see through it.”

Pelosi has implemented a procedure to allow for proxy voting during the coronavirus pandemic, even though House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said that the Constitution states that Congress must meet in person.

McCarthy said last May, “For 231 years, that’s what Congress has done — from the yellow fever of 17 — in the 1700s to the Civil War to the burning of a building during the — in the 1900s. Then you had Spanish flu. You had the 9/11 — we still convened.”

Nancy Pelosi's reign of terror must come to an end.


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