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WATCH: National Guard Goes into Dallas Venues to Vaccinate Young Adults


Like a scene from a scary dystopian movie, the Dallas County Health and Human Services  (DCHHS) brought the military with them to administer Covid-19 vaccines to young adults over the weekend. 

Clearly, health officials are trying to get creative in getting the rest of America vaccinated against the China Virus.

And it appears they are targeting the young with intimidation tactics.

There is a video circulating on Twitter showing the DCHHS and National Guard entering popular venues to administer Covid-19 vaccines. 


In the video, you can hear the narrator say “this is what community service looks like” before they enter a 7-Eleven to administer a Covid-19 shot.

You can watch the video safety here from Rumble:

The man who got the shot says he feels “taken care of” as an American citizen.

The comments asserting the Totalitarianism of the move are numerous!

Truer words couldn’t be spoken by one Twitter user below, who points out that for every Tweet condemning the move, there is another offering praise, separating Americans even further.

It seems highly irresponsible for Dallas County Health and Human Services to use our military to intimidate and administer an experimental ‘vaccine’.

And if they are going into bars, offering the Covid-19 vaccine to inebriated individuals whose decision-making isn’t sober, wouldn’t that be just a little unethical?

Conservative Brief has more on DCHHS’s use of the military to innoculate young adults:

“So right now we are going to give a COVID vaccine to someone inside a 7-Eleven – this is what community service looks like and getting the community vaccinated,” a narrator in the video said.

“By getting vaccinated you’ll be able to enjoy going out again knowing that you’re safe & protected,” a CBS News report said.

This week, Parkland’s Chief Medical Officer said the 0-17 age group is currently the biggest reservoir of COVID-19 that’s still in the community.

On Friday night, May 14, Dallas County Health and Human Services hosted a pop-up vaccination event aimed at addressing that.

“We were actually celebrating my best friend’s birthday – he just turned 19 – so we’re going to go skate around.. get something to eat out here,” a man named Dylan Morrow said.

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“I was like shoot I might as well get it done,” he said. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to help out and do what you can locally.”

“I was just walking by to get dinner and it was pretty easy,” another man, named Mike Kayes, said. “All they needed was my first and last name and then asked for my address line and drivers license number.”

“We want to go to where the community is,” Christian Grisales, a spokesperson for Dallas County Health and Human Services said, because that is where the young people are.

“Unfortunately, the positive testing shows that a lot of young people are also getting the coronavirus, COVID-19, and that’s why we are here,” the spokesperson said.

What do you think- is this a preview of the next phase of “get vaccinated or else”? 



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