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President Trump and Republicans Call for End of January 6 Commission


Throughout all the looting and burning of cities due to BLM and Antifa last year, not one Democrat asked for an investigation into the various insurrections across the nation.

From looting to burning to inciting violence, BLM and Antifa should already be labeled domestic terrorists. 

Instead, the Left is pointing the finger at Trump supporters by calling a Commission into the events on January 6th.

Such hypocrisy is astounding!

President Trump even proclaimed that the January 6 Commission is a Democrat trap:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also took to the floor on Tuesday to speak against the January 6 Commission, citing the hypocrisy of the damage BLM and Antifa have done, yet no one is looking into them. 

Check out her speech from the House Floor below.

We have it for you from Youtube:

Rep. Greene was on fire! 

What about the damages to churches and federal buildings, as Greene mentioned? 

Shouldn’t BLM and Antifa be held accountable?

The Post Millenial had more on Greene’s statements about investigating BLM and Antifa:

“BLM and Antifa established an autonomous zone in Seattle,” Greene said, “and attempted to burn government buildings in Portland, is that not an insurrection?”Greene listed damages in New York and Philadelphia, along with the hefty monetary cost to those cities. “Protests in Kansas City resulted in $2.1 million in damages, mostly over the course of one weekend. Several officers were injured as well,” she noted. “Protests cost the police department about $1.5 million in overtime.”And these were not the only cities for which she brought receipts of damages. Protests in Salt Lake City wracked up $100,000 in damages, while Denver was well $5.5 million. “BLM protests in Nashville set a federal courthouse on fire,” she said, “the destruction is estimated to have cost $1.2 million in damages. Again, is that an insurrection?”

She brought up Portland, Ore., which saw over 100 nights of rioting, where rioters attempted to “burn down government buildings,” which including damages to the courthouse as well. This was the courthouse that President Trump was derided for trying to protect with the help of federal agents.A state of emergency order was declared in Louisville, where two police officers were shot. Kenosha, Wisconsin, saw police officers injured as well, and two city trucks were set on fire there by rioters. Kenosha is the city that made the phrase “fiery by mostly peaceful” famous. Guilford County, North Carolina, was not without incident either, where the courthouse was broken into then set aflame, with a cost of $200,000 in damages. A courthouse in Oakland shared a similar face.

Greene called out the ill-fated “police defunding” movement, which resulted in less cops and more crime overall.”Studies show 570 protests in 220 US locations turned violent over the summer. Are those not insurrections?” Riot damage from the summer of 2020 caused the most damage in US insurance history. “It resulted in up to $2 billion of damages in 20 cities across the US, mostly concentrated in LA, Detroit, Miami, DC and New York.””Indeed,” she said, “we should have a commission to study the violent Antifa and BLM mobs that have plagued American cities this past summer. And that’s for the American people, who by the way, pay the taxes that fund everything we do here.”

Instead of holding BLM and Antifa accountable for their insurrections, the Democrats turn their attention to anything negatively connected to Trump and his supporters.

But, even CNN noticed the growing resistance to the January 6 Commission among Senate Republicans: 

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday he was opposed to the commission after Rep. John Katko, the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, negotiated the deal with Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson last week. On Tuesday afternoon, the House Minority Whip Steve Scalise offered a recommendation to members to vote against the bill, issuing a litany of reasons why it wasn’t adequate.

The agreement Katko negotiated included several concessions McCarthy had demanded, including a commission evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans and equal subpoena power between the two sides. Democrats charged that McCarthy was refusing to take yes for an answer and trying to gloss over the events of January 6.

Both McCarthy and McConnell have previously argued that the commission should also investigate political violence from far-left groups like Antifa that occurred during last year’s protests of police brutality. Katko argued that the legislation allowed the commission to choose to tackle that subject if its members felt it was relevant.

McCarthy’s opposition was a factor for Republican senators still studying the House bill.

“I think leader McCarthy is onto something in making sure it’s not just about the events of January the (sixth),” said Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican.

BLM and Antifa are the clear thugs that need investigating.

Do you think Democrats target Trump supporters to avert attention from the real domestic terrorists?


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