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Huge Win! Texas Signs Law Banning All Abortions at Just SIX WEEKS


The tides on abortion are changing very quickly! Texas Governor Greg Abbot has just signed into law legislation banning abortions at six weeks. Liberals and pro-choice advocates are having a total meltdown.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Mississippi’s case on their abortion limits, Texas’ move serves as the reinforcements needed to change the momentum in the right direction.

The Daily Mail shares more information.

Texas became the largest state Wednesday with a law that bans abortions before many women even know they are pregnant and without exceptions for rape or incest.

Texas has become the largest state to pass significant anti-abortion legislation.

It even includes provisions for private citizens to help in the enforcement of this legislation.

There is also unique provision that essentially leaves enforcement to private citizens through lawsuits against doctors or anyone who helps a woman get an abortion.

This includes nurses, front desk staff or even the person who drove the patient to the termination.

Talk about a significant deterrent.

For the longest time, nearly a dozen other states have tried to pass “heartbeat” bills that essentially ban abortions from happening once a heartbeat is detected.

The problem is that most of them aren’t in effect. The federal courts are blocking their implementation and from being enforced.

This is why the timing of Texas’ legislation is so significant. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Missipi’s lawsuit, it will set a precedent for other states to see meaningful progress on their own anti-abortion legislation.

But with the Supreme Court this week agreeing to take up a Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, abortion rights activists worry that a ruling favorable to the state could lay the groundwork for allowing even more abortion restrictions, including so-called heartbeat bills.

There are concerns that Texas is not allowing any exceptions whatsoever, including for rape or incest. However, advocates on the bill believe it gives Texas the ability to have some wiggle room once it makes its way to the courts.

It’s safe to say that blue-haired liberals are freaking out.

Some users are even providing help and ways to get around the legislation.

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While this is a sensitive topic, it remains clear that Texas is making a stand for what they believe are the rights of unborn babies.

This is an enormous victory for pro-life advocates because it allows them to use the legal system and lawsuits to tie up abortion providers in court and make it financially unfeasible to continue to provide abortions.

Critics say that provision would allow abortion opponents to flood the courts with lawsuits to harass doctors, patients, nurses, domestic violence counselors, a friend who drove a woman to a clinic, or even a parent who paid for a procedure.

We will have to wait and see what will happen when the lawsuits undoubtedly flood in to overturn the legislation. Mississipi could have an ally making its way to the Supreme Court very soon.




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