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Kamala’s Hidden Finances Allegedly Uncovered. Breaks Ethics Pledge.


One of the repeated attacks that team Biden and Kamala had during the elections was to accuse President Trump of financial corruption. The campaign commissioned their army of media outlets to write untrue articles about President Trump and his financial dealings.

Here is a clip of Kamala during the Vice Presidential debates. She argues that Americans can’t trust a president that isn’t transparent about where his money is from and where it is going.

Also, notice the headline that CNN places on the screen while she’s railing against the President.

Harris questions Trumps’ motive for lack of financial transparency.

On the campaign trail, Harris and Biden solemnly agreed to a comprehensive ethics pledge. It included total transparency when it comes to their finances.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, and the media were falling over themselves to heap praise on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for publishing their tax returns.

The left fawned over Harris and Biden, declaring, “this is what being presidential means.”

Look at what this ray of sunshine tweeted:

Harris even went so far as to release returns for the last fifteen years. So honest, so noble.

Well, in a hilarious turn of events, Kamala just got caught doing the same thing she accused President Trump of doing.

It turns out Harris has been far from transparent. Apparently, she’s been hiding assets in a tax-advantaged trust.

In translation, she can hide information about her finances from the American people.

Interesting how financial transparency is vital until the shoe’s on the other foot.

The reporters at Fox News break down the specifics of what Harris has been doing to hide her financial dealings.

Vice President Kamala Harris keeps assets in a tax-advantaged family trust, a move that appears to violate the ethics pledge she and President Biden made on the campaign trail.

According to Harris’ financial disclosure form released Monday, she has been a trustee of the KDH/DCE family trust since 2017. The trust’s assets “are not reportable,” according to the filing, effectively obscuring some of the vice president’s holdings from public view.

What is so hypocritical is that she had vowed on the campaign to work with Congress to eliminate this very loophole.

The trust is inconsistent with Biden and Harris’ campaign plan to crack down on such vehicles once in office. Biden and Harris pledged to work with Congress to “eliminate the trust loophole in existing financial disclosure law,” and Biden said he would “require that any member of his Administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust disclose all of its holdings.”

According to reports, Harris could be hiding as much as 7 million dollars in real estate assets inside of the trust.

While Harris obscures holdings within the trust, some of its assets can be gleaned from public sources from areas in which the vice president has lived.

The current estimated combined worth of the real estate in the trust is $7.2 million.

While it is shady, it is not surprising to conservatives that know how the liberal left chooses to operate and to work.

It’s impossible to ignore the double standard that is on display.

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For four years, President Donald Trump worked tirelessly to lower taxes and create one of the strongest economies in the nation’s history.

He had already made his money. He even donated over a hundred million dollars over five years to charity.

The President put himself on the line so that all Americans would have their fair shot at the American dream.

And then there’s Kamala Harris. I’ll leave this article with one more tidbit to show just how great of a contrast there is.

Harris’ forms show that her and her husband had donated just 1.6% of their income to charity last year, a level that is below the average for their level of income, FOX Business reported.

I miss leaders that were more focused on serving the American people than taking from them.


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