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Flying Soon? The Airlines May Just Have To Weigh You Before You Board Your Flight….

Americans are reportedly weighing planes down due to the obesity epidemic, and airline authorities say that this is stressing outdated safety requirements.


Take a look at this, and let me know what you think.

The guidelines which sources say are coming down from The FAA seem to be hand in hand with the obesity epidemic in America.

This is something I have thought about before while in the airport. I mean, they weigh luggage and there are luggage weight limits, so how could there not be passenger weight limits?

I’m not one for many regulations, but this is something which makes logical sense. If people start to weigh more on average then plane safety will eventually be impacted by it.

Check it out:

Fox Business reported: 

Data airlines use to measure passenger weight to ensure safety onboard planes may be outdated as the obesity rate in the U.S. increases. Now, air carriers may have to update average passenger weight, according to the airline blog View from the Wing, citing a circular advisory sent out by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Under the new pending requirements, reviewed by airline industry publication AirInsightGroup, airlines would be mandated to take surveys to set "standard average passenger weights" for crew members, baggage and passengers through random sampling and call on passengers to participate.

"Regardless of the sampling method used, an operator has the option of surveying each passenger and bag abroad the aircraft and should give a passenger the right to decline to participate in any passenger or weight survey," the guidance says, according to AirInsightGroup.

The New York Post had this to say: 

In a measure that will likely irk flyers, airlines could soon require plus-sized passengers to step on the scale — or provide their weight — before boarding the aircraft.

The initiative, which was outlined in a recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory, strives to provide new data on average passenger weights as the current numbers reportedly don’t reflect today’s sky-high obesity rates in the US. In turn, this would help ensure aircrafts, especially the small ones, don’t exceed their allowable weight limit, View From the Wing reported.

To put it plane-ly, the FAA wants to gauge how much fatter Americans have gotten, to prevent things from coming apart when planes take to the skies.


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