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Someone is Attacking American Personel Using Pulse Weapons


What’s happening right now is like something out of a spy novel. American diplomats, national security personnel, and intelligence officers are being attacked using a mystery weapon as early as 2016.

According to NBC, this device weaponizes targeted microwave frequencies to inflict extreme neurological and functional damage to its victims.

The mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba are consistent with the effects of directed microwave energy, according to a long-awaited report by the National Academies of Sciences that cites medical evidence to support the long-held conviction of American intelligence officials.

A team of medical and scientific experts who studied the symptoms of as many as 40 State Department and other government employees concluded that nothing like them had previously been documented in medical literature, according to the National Academies of Sciences report. Many reported hearing a loud sound and feeling pressure in their heads, and then experienced dizziness, unsteady gait and visual disturbances. Many suffered longstanding, debilitating effects.

Its effects are known as “Havana Syndrome,” The name reflects the initial belief attacks were only happening in Cuba. 

It turns out attacks are happening more than officials realized, and it’s not just overseas. Attacks using this mystery weapon have occurred on U.S. soil going as far as the White House. 

After years of these reports, the National Security Council is getting pressure to investigate. Here’s MSNBC on more.  

Recent reporting has revealed that debilitating sonic frequency attacks against U.S. government personnel have not been limited to foreign locales — they’ve also happened here in the U.S., including twice in Washington against National Security Council officials.
Recent reporting also indicates that attacks against U.S. diplomats abroad started earlier, and occurred in more places, than previously known. The men and women suffering from excruciating symptoms — not to mention their families — who have dedicated their lives to government service deserve answers.

Thankfully we have Joseph Biden at the helm of this great nation.

“The Biden administration is trying to strike a careful balance between showing officials that they are taking the issue seriously and trying to keep panic from spreading, either inside the government or among the public. The National Security Council has begun an intelligence review, aimed at discovering whether additional unreported incidents fit the pattern, a spokeswoman said.”

So why hasn’t the government done anything about this yet? They don’t want people to panic. Unfortunately, they choose to do it by keeping the public in the dark about how severe and frequent these attacks are.

But based on what we’ve seen from the Biden administration, there is something more at play here. Biden may be afraid to point the finger at the nation responsible for these attacks.

According to the article, U.S. agencies were able to place Russian researchers who specialized in targeted radio frequencies in the same cities when these attacks had taken place.

A May 6 op-ed in The Washington Examiner lays out what may be the strongest case yet that these attacks may have started much earlier than 2016, and that the most likely suspect is Russia.

That piece details the accounts of retired National Security Agency officer Mike Beck and his colleague Charles Gubete, believed to have been the targets of Russian radiofrequency attacks while traveling in a “hostile country” in 1996. Both Beck and Gubete “suffered from early-onset Parkinson’s disease. Gubete died in 2013.”

According to the Examiner, Kemp Ensor, who was then the NSA’s director of counterintelligence, told other NSA officials in 2016 of evidence that Beck and Gubete were targeted by a microwave frequency weapon.

Biden might be unwilling to address this series of attacks because it would mean standing up to Russia. We know from the Colonial pipeline attack this week, he’s more than willing to look the other way. 

When you pair this with the border crisis, the oil crisis, riots, Asian hate crimes, North Korea, and China, it’s clear to see that Biden’s inability to lead and command the respect of the world is putting Americans at risk both at home and abroad. 


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