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Biden Says Russian Hackers, Living In Russia, Are Not Agents of Russia


For nearly half a decade, Democrats blamed the Russians for everything.

Is Trump president? It’s Russian collusion.
Democrats are stealing American liberty. No, that’s Russian misinformation.
Your dog ran away from home? Putin’s fault.

For years, Russia was the boogeyman that blue-haired liberals used to scare their children into gender neutrality.

Liberals rejoiced when Biden took office. Finally, they had a president that would be hard on Russia. They had Joe on their side.

And during the election, Joe gave his fans what they wanted. He was tough guy Joe, the political equivalent of Rocky Balboa going against the Soviets.

CNBC reports how even until March, Joe was putting Russia on notice. 

President Joe Biden says he believes Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a killer with no soul — and vowed that Putin soon “will pay a price” for interfering in the 2020 U.S. election and trying to boost the reelection chances of then-President Donald Trump.

Biden said he warned Putin last month, in his first call to the Russian president after taking office, that he would retaliate if that meddling was confirmed.

“The conversation started off, ‘I said, I know you and you know me. If I establish this occurred, then be prepared,'” Biden told ABC News in an interview that aired Wednesday on “Good Morning America.”

After an intelligence report “confirmed” Russia’s interference in the 2020 election, the left’s sleepy savior vowed Russia “would pay the price.”

Then, Biden did absolutely nothing. In fact, worse than nothing. Based on what we’ve seen, Joe is carrying Vladimir’s water.

Take the Colonial Pipeline attack, for example. The Daily Caller reports:

President Joe Biden said Thursday that they don’t believe the Russian government was involved in the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

Biden spoke about the pipeline, which began resuming operations Wednesday night, and urged Americans to remain calm amid fuel shortages. The president said that while the Russian government isn’t believed to be involved, the administration does think the hackers responsible are living in Russia.

“We don’t believe the Russian government was involved in this attack, but we do have strong reason to believe that the criminals who made the attack are living in Russia. That’s where it came from,” the president said.

Joseph, help me understand. These were Russian hackers, who live in Russia, but there is zero evidence Russia was involved? Right…

This is confusing for most of us until you watch the video where Biden explains this himself on Rumble.

Look at his body language, the slope of his shoulders, how his eyes get wider when he talks about Russia. Observe how he’s hanging onto every word on that teleprompter as if Kamala were threatening him off-screen.

Compare that video with this clip of President Trump talking about the North Korean regime. Check out his body language compared to Joe.

We all remember that Trump got “rocket man” to come out and talk just a few months later.

So why was Russia to blame for everything from 2015-2020 but carries zero blame in 2021? Why are the left covering for their president by absolving Russia as any threat at all?

It’s because there is no one standing between democrats and Russians any longer.

Biden and the left were like the younger brother in your neighborhood, hurling insults at the bully while hiding behind the knees of their older brother.

With Trump as our president, liberals were safe to act crazy. But what happens when big brother goes off to college? All of a sudden, you start bringing a little extra lunch money to school.

Biden will never confront Russia. If his name were Trump and this were 2017, some would say this is evidence that he’s a Russian operative.

For those of us looking from the outside, it just proves he’s a coward.

Cowards make threats when they can hide behind other people. But their threats have no teeth.

Each day that Joe occupies the Oval Office, the more Americans will realize just how strong of a leader we have in President Donald Trump.

As Joe continues to act like a tough guy, be encouraged that he’ll cower when he meets voters at the ballot box in 2022.


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