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Fauci Confesses That He Wore Mask for Optics


Dr. Fauci has been lying to the American people since the start of the Pandemic.

And now it appears he’s at it again. 

He just won’t stop!

Hopefully, the sheep start to see through his recent display of hypocrisy.

Initially, Dr. Fraudci told Americans to continue wearing a mask even when fully vaccinated.

On Good Morning America today, Fauci flip-flopped on his statement and admitted that he only said vaccinated Americans needed to continue wearing a mask so it didn’t look like he was giving mixed signals.

It sure looks like a bunch of political theater!

Fauci said that before the CDC made the recommendation change, he didn’t want to look like he was “giving mixed signals, but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low”.

Watch the clip from Good Morning America below:

Twitter was quick to point out Fauci’s lies:

Just two months ago, on March 18, the story Fauci told to Sen. Paul during a hearing on the pandemic response was much different.

The Blaze had more on Fauci’s political theater:

Paul had grilled Fauci on the absence of scientific evidence to suggest that vaccinated Americans needed to wear masks.

“You’re telling everybody to wear a mask whether they’ve had an infection or a vaccine, what I’m saying is they have immunity and everybody agrees they have immunity,” Paul said. “What studies do you have that people who have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection?”

“If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?” he pressed.

At the time, Fauci told Paul “I totally disagree with you” and insisted that mask-wearing is not theater because of the risk that vaccines did not protect against COVID-19 variants.

Now, Fauci admits that he continued to wear a mask indoors even though he was vaccinated and knew he didn’t need to because he didn’t want to send “mixed signals” to the American people, which appears to be the very definition of “theater.”

Do you think the rest of America is starting to wake up to what a fraudster Fauci is?



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