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Woke Vs Hard Work: Comparing Military Recruitment Videos


The Chinese government just put out its latest recruitment video.

Check it out:


I have no idea what they’re singing but even I’m inspired.

These guys look like a tough, determined, high-tech, unified machine.

A war machine ready to take on the world.

Let’s contrast that now, with the latest US military video:

Let me set the scene of the story: It begins in California, with a little girl raised by two moms…


All that’s missing here is an evil stepmother and a couple of bluebirds on her shoulder.

Is this really what we want to be putting out into the world as evidence of our military capabilities?

But hey, maybe our other enemies have cuter videos?

Maybe the Russian recruitment video has some kittens … ooh or puppies!

Here’s one of theirs from this year:


Where are the puppies?

Those guys look like they have puppies for breakfast!

“Without an enemy, there is no fight,” they say.

And guess who’s the enemy?

Yup, the little sorority princess from California.

But hey, we have the CIA.

They’re the real dark force doing the “Jack Ryan” work behind the scenes.



She is a ” cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.”

I looked up “cis-gendered” because I had no idea what it meant.

Apparently, it means she’s normal.

She’s a woman who thinks she’s a woman and identifies as a woman and acts like a woman.

I never knew that was something we had to declare with so much pride.

Most of you reading this have probably been “cis-gendered” your whole life if you’ve never tried to change your gender or “identify” as another gender.

Now you know.


Also, did you notice that neither of the American ads mentioned America? Or defending the nation and not just their own identity?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Well, at least we have allies like Israel. They may be a small nation but they’re not afraid of a fight.

Except, the Biden administration seems more interested in placating Iran than siding with the Israelis.

So I guess we’re just going to have to reach out to Canada if Russia or China comes for us:

99.9% Fine Silver MAGA Collector Coins!


Or maybe Britain?


So if our sorority princesses and cisgenders millennials aren’t enough to keep us safe we could call on the army with no guns or the army with “binge gamers,” “phone zombies,” and “snowflakes.”

I don’t know about you …

But I think we might be toast.


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