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Free Speech in Danger! Big Tech Attacks ‘The Disinformation Dozen’


The globalists are at it again attacking those speaking the truth about the covid vaccine, and the truth about the scamdemic. 

Located in both DC and London, The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) was created by Imran Ahmed to disrupt anti-vaccine discussions on social media. 

According to the CCDH, antivaccine activities reach more than 59 million followers on social media. 

Apparently, 12 individuals are responsible for around ⅔ of anti-vaccine and ‘misinformation’ content on digital platforms. 

This information came out in a report called “The Disinformation Dozen”, which was recently released by the CCDH.

The report is essentially their hit list of top anti-vaccine individuals.

First, they target the individuals with the largest followings, and likely they will come for the rest of us next.

So what exactly is the CCDH and what is its purpose? 

According to the CCDH website:

The Center for Countering Digital Hate is an international not-for-profit NGO that seeks to disrupt the architecture of online hate and misinformation. The Center has offices in London and Washington DC. 

Digital technology has changed forever the way we communicate, build relationships, share knowledge, set social standards, and negotiate and assert our society’s values.

Digital spaces – forming an important new plane of human existence – have been colonised and their unique dynamics exploited by fringe movements that instrumentalise hate and misinformation. These movements are opportunistic, agile and confident in exerting influence and persuading people.

Over time these actors, advocating diverse causes – from anti-feminism to ethnic nationalism to denial of scientific consensus – have formed a Digital Counter Enlightenment. Their trolling, disinformation and skilled advocacy of their causes has resocialised the offline world for the worse.

They have done so by skilfully simulating widespread support – social proof – in order to shift behavioural and attitudinal norms.

Such movements have emerged in multiple places simultaneously and are a product of deep changes in our technological base, rather than contingent circumstances or formal coordination.

The Center’s work combines both analysis and active disruption of these networks. CCDH’s solutions seek to increase the economic, political and social costs of all parts of the infrastructure – the actors, systems and culture – that support, and often profit from hate and misinformation.

Solutions such as Stop Funding Fake News have proven effective in demonetising and reducing the reach of websites that masquerade as real news but in fact contain conspiracy theories, misinformation and propaganda, intermingled with shoddy journalism.

CCDH have also forced social media companies to establish precedent and remove hateful or dangerous speech by holding them directly accountable for their tolerance of hateful content.​

It appears the CCDH came out with their Disinformation Dozen report to create a movement to put pressure on Big Tech to silence dissenters.  

Will Facebook and Twitter cave? 

Left-leaning NPR seems to think so:

Both members of Congress and state attorneys general have urged Facebook and Twitter to ban the “Disinformation Dozen.”

“Getting Americans vaccinated is critical to putting this pandemic behind us. Vaccine disinformation spread online has deadly consequences, which is why I have called on social media platforms to take action against the accounts propagating the majority of these lies,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., told NPR.

The companies have stopped short of taking all 12 figures offline entirely, but they have stepped up their fight: They’ve labeled misleading posts. They’ve removed falsehoods. In some cases, they’ve banned people who repeatedly share debunked claims.

Facebook has now removed 16 accounts from Facebook or Instagram and placed restrictions on 22 others, such as preventing them from being recommended to other users, reducing the reach of their posts and blocking them from promoting themselves through paid ads.

With left-leaning members of Congress at their backs, it seems like Big Tech is already coming down hard on those who discuss anything other than the mainstream media’s narrative.

Who gets to decide what ends up labeled as misinformation? The people or the Left?

One of the individuals on The Disinformation Dozen list found herself censored yesterday without any warning. 

Erin, from Health Nut News, is #7 on this hit list of truth-tellers on social media.

She uses her platforms to speak the truth about living a healthy life, the truth about Bill Gates, Depopulation, and vaccine dangers.

She also runs a series of 100 holistic doctors who have been found dead or suicided.

Her partner is Dr. Joseph Mercola, #1 on the list of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’.


Since the report came out, she claims she has been attacked by all kinds of trolls on Twitter:

Apparently speaking the truth is labeled by trolls as ‘covid misinformation’.

The Washingtonian has more about The Disinformation Dozen hit list:

The Center for Countering Digital Hate recently shared research suggesting that just 12 people are responsible for many of the false claims about covid vaccines that are posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The report, titled The Disinformation Dozen, details how these 12 people produced 65% of all anti-vaccine narratives—more than 812,000 posts—on various social media channels. These posters were selected based on three criteria: a large number of followers, high volume of anti-vaccine content, and rapid growth on their social media account in the last two months. Some of them had multiple accounts focused on “natural health” and sold books and other products based on this misinformation.

Although a little more than half of the US population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, these 12 social media users are still influencing many hold-outs. In fact, Vaccine Confidence Project’s analysis in the report shows that even a little bit of misinformation online has reduced the number of people willing to receive the vaccine by up to 8.8 percent. Even though all 12 people have repeatedly posted misinformation over the years, only 3 of the 12 have been banned from one platform and 9 of the 12 remain on all three social media platforms.

Using the social listening tool Bandwidth to collect information, the center found that up to 17% of more than 120,000 anti-vaccine tweets in the last two months feature the Disinformation Dozen. One of the 12 focuses their account on spreading vaccine hesitancy among African Americans and is known for the false claim that covid vaccines lead to infertility in women. Another of the 12 has gained followers through a connection to a famous political family.

Based in DC and London, the Center for Countering Digital Hate works to disrupt the perpetrators, systems, and culture of online misinformation movements through programs like Don’t Spread the Virus and Don’t Feed the Trolls. In the past, the group has successfully forced social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to remove dangerous posts from their platforms. “COVID generated a lot of anxiety and conspiracies and misinformation thrive where there is anxiety,” founder and CEO Imran Ahmed said in a recent interview with NPR.

The CCDH encourages everyone to use movements such as #DontSpreadtheVirus, which allegedly disrupts the flow of vaccine truth. 

If their tactics sound familiar, it’s because BLM uses the same ‘evidence-based’ techniques on social media. 

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Yet another way to try and silence freedom of speech! 

Here is a snapshot from the CCDH’s #DontSpeadtheVirus campaign:

If there was any evidence for communism coming to America, and censorship of our free speech at an all-time high, this definitely has to be it.


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