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NYC Mayor Wants YOU to Think of Burgers & Fries and Vaccinations


Do you think of a burger and fries when someone mentions vaccination?

Personally, I tend to think of depopulation and genocide.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, on the other hand, wants YOU to think of burgers and fries, specifically Shake Shack.

He made a pathetic display to get vaccinated while eating a burger and fries, churning out more covid vaccine propaganda for the masses. 

Mayor de Blasio enlisted Shake Shack to do some vaccine promotions while promoting ‘The Shack’ on live tv.

As de Blasio states in the video below, he wants you to look at the burger and think of it when you think of vaccination. 

Then, he appallingly goes on to eat the burger while moaning, “mmmm vaccinations… I am getting a very good feeling about vaccinations at this moment”.

Burger, Fries, and a side of genocide!

Watch the full video below from CBS News:

To help get people vaccinated, mobile vaccine busses will hand out a free Shake Shack burger card with each vaccine.

Also, if you show Shake Shack your vaccine card, they’ll throw in some free crinkle-cut fries with your burger!

Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t make this up if we tried.

Thankfully, Twitter agrees with the lunacy of this vaccine advertisement:

And another good point- why would anyone promote unhealthy food when the obese have one of the highest mortality rates from covid?

Critics also pointed out how ill-mannered it is not only to talk with your mouth full, but doing so during a press conference should be a ‘fireable offense.’ 

Left-leaning The Hill had more details about the new fast-food vaccine cross-promotion:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) ate Shake Shack during a briefing to promote a deal the city made in which the company would provide free food for those who get vaccinated.

Starting Thursday, New York City residents can get a voucher for a free ShackBurger when they get vaccinated at a New York City mobile vaccine bus, Shake Shack said Wednesday.

Through June 12, people who get vaccinated and provide proof of their vaccination can get free Crinkle Cut Fries with the purchase of a burger or sandwich.

During a press conference on Thursday, de Blasio promoted the deal by eating a Shake Shack meal. 

“Free fries when you get vaccinated,” the mayor said just before taking a bite of fries.

“I got vaccinated. You’re saying I could get this delicious fries? Wait a minute, but there’s also a burger element to this?”

The move comes as New York City forges ahead with its vaccination efforts.

Thus far, the city has administered more than 7.2 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine. Forty-six percent of its total population have received one dose, while 37 percent have been fully vaccinated.

I guess the meatless Green New Deal plan is off the table until the sheep all get their covid shot.


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