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BLM Activist: “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!” Chants “Death to America!”


Imagine for a moment if a Trump supporter screamed:

I can’t wait until white people lynch black people!

Don’t you think there would be universal condemnation?

Don’t you think that both Republican AND Democrat leaders would come forward to criticize this person?

Not to mention the media outrage…

If it’s not ok for a Trump supporter to say it, then why is it ok for a BLM supporter to say it?

A BLM activist was caught on video saying:

I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!

But that’s not all…

When the activist was confronted about the violent sentiment, the BLM activist doubled-down and defended their statement!

Watch the exchange below:

To be very clear, this wasn’t just some lone radical.

BLM and Antifa members have been dominating the streets of Portland and Seattle.

There have been multiple instances where BLM and Antifa crowds have been caught chanting “Death to America!”

And these people wonder why conservatives are so terrified of Critical Race Theory!

See the horrific chants below:

The National File has more details on this BLM radical:

Video footage from Black Lives Matter and left-wing riots in Bellevue, Washington this week shows a female agitator repeatedly shrilling, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!” Other rioters also chime in to voice agreement with the insurrectionist, black supremacist narrative.

“I can’t wait until black people hang you!” the protester screams at an onlooker, who is caught off guard and says, “Wait, what was that? Do you want to say it again?”

“Um yeah,” the female agitator responds, taking a deep breath before bellowing, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!”

Several alarmed bystanders express concern over the rhetoric, with one stating, “I don’t know if anybody that’s white in your group would agree with that statement, that was weird.” Another female agitator shoots her hand up in the air and cries, “I’m white and I agree with that! I agree with that!”

Though insurrectionist anti-white rhetoric often shocks apolitical bystanders, it has consistently formed the corner of “racial justice” protest. In April, Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis told a journalist that they support “street justice” on white people so they “feel the pain and the hurt”:

Black Lives Matter and racial justice protesters at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, Minnesota spoke to journalist Ami Horowitz on Tuesday, the day of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, to express their desire to see “pain” and “hurt” inflicted on “white folks” via “street justice,” and expressed ignorance about the statistics of police-involved shooting, claiming “thousands” of unarmed black people are killed by police every day in a systemic “genocide” of the “African-American race.”

One woman added that she believes white supremacists are “most of the country,” and when asked if she would support gathering up white people to do “street justice,’” she exclaimed, “That would be ideal!”

“I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like, maybe they need to start feeling the pain and the hurt,” another female protester stated.

If for some reason you want to “excuse” this type of language, ask yourself what the reaction would be if a Trump supporter said a similar thing.

Again, true equality means that we are ALL treated equal.

And being anti-racism means getting rid of racism, not becoming anti-White.

But the left and their allies in the BLM death-cult have normalized this sort of violent rhetoric against white people.

It is reverse racism, so to speak.

Remember when Democrats and their BLM allies used to tell us that “silence is violence?”

Well, we have a question for them.

Is violent rhetoric violence?

Because it should be.

Without any pushback from the media or from the Democrat party, the BLM activists are feeling more emboldened.

Breitbart reports that BLM protesters recently blocked a major intersection in Texas:

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a major freeway feeder road intersection in Plano, Texas. A confrontation erupted as one of the people being blocked confronted the protesters.

A group of BLM protesters in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, blocked a major intersection on earlier this week, a video tweeted by New Granada on Friday shows. The video shows many of the protesters wearing body armor, black bloc, and helmets.

The blocking of the roadway comes amid the Texas Legislature’s consideration of a bill addressing protests that block emergency vehicles or entrances to hospitals.

At least one protester carried a Mexican flag while blocking the intersection of two major freeway feeder roads.

One of the drivers being blocked becomes angered and confronts the protesters. “Get the f**k out of my way,” the angered driver yells at one protester.

The driver then turns his attention to a Plano Police Department officer who appears to be unable, or unwilling, to clear the intersection. “Get these f**king people out of the way,” the man yells at the officer. “Get them out of here.”

The man then turns his attention back to the crowd of protesters and appears to swing his fist at a female protester.

The protesters respond by confronting the man and the officer steps in to attempt to separate the opposing sides. The protesters continue to confront the man as the officer moves him back toward his vehicle.

The Texas Legislature is currently considering legislation to make blocking a roadway a state jail felony if the protester blocks passage of an emergency vehicle or the entrance to a hospital, the Texas Tribune reported.

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The bill, HB-9, passed out of the Texas House of Representatives by a vote of 90-55 and headed to the Senate for consideration.

The bill from the Texas legislature comes in response to an incident in California last year where two deputies were shot and protesters blocked the entrance to the hospital, the Tribune explained.

Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of the summer of 2020 this year.

Without a national election to galvanize the Democrat base, chances are that this year will be comparatively peaceful.

May God always bless America.


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