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Don’t Believe The MSM Here Is How Mike Lindell’s Rally ACTUALLY Turned Out!

Mike Lindell's event was attended by a fairly large crowd of people for an indoor event, and watched by even more people online.


We all know the MSM and left wing media hate Mike Lindell.

I thought that TDS was bad, but the vitriol Mike gets from these guys is insane. All he did was offer a different opinion to theirs.

He is also an incredible rags to riches story, and any sane person can’t help but respect the guy. What he has achieved and the way he turned his life around are both truly tremendous.

The left wing activist media wants to tell you that his “Frank” event for free speech was a total flop. I am here to report to you THE FACTS.

Lindell attracted over 1,600 people in person, and over 250,000 online viewers according to sources.

He didn’t have to fake or manipulate those numbers either…….like a certain person we all unfortunately know.

Take a look:

The Mitchell Republic had the most detailed and non-biased report I could find: 

“They will have to protect our country and it’s going to be a 9-0 vote to pull the election down,” Lindell said, adding that “evil is overplaying its hand” in politics in this country.

He pointed to numerous moments over the last six months as being miracles -- ranging from debunked allegations of a dump of votes on Election Night, to the certification of Biden’s victory, to the creation of Frank itself.

Lindell, who told the crowd that he doesn’t know anything about cybersecurity or informational technology, said he has kept his name in the news since November to help spread his claims about the election being fraudulent.

“We have to keep speaking out and spreading the evidence,” he said, adding that he has created a “legal offense fund,” that would raise money to “save this country.”

He said he would be fighting this corruption “if the shoe was on the other foot,” and Trump had won and Biden claimed he was cheated. Lindell said he will also use his platform to put a spotlight on what the government is doing and allow people to decide who its work is helping.

Salon attacked Lindell in the typical left wing fashion: 

Before the event began, a long line of people waiting to get into the venue wrapped around the outside of the building. But once they got inside, the situation was less impressive. Only around 1,500 people tuned out for the event, which Lindell had initially boasted might draw a crowd of 30,000 supporters. (In fact, the Corn Palace's seating capacity is just 3,200.) Even so, Business Insider's Grace Dean noted that some attendees waited in line for seven hours before the doors opened.

At one point, Piscopo's microphone stopped working, most likely a standard technical error of the sort that bedevils performers at all levels of the entertainment ecosystem. The once-popular late-night comedian chose to blame the malfunction on Chinese interference. "We're not racist," Piscopo declared, apropos of nothing. "I travel around the country, and we're a good country. They are criticizing us every which way, and tonight it stops." While working the crowd, Piscopo spotted a fellow MAGA-friendly celebrity — a cast member of the show "Duck Dynasty."

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