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Utah Teen Hospitalized With Blood Clots Around His Brain Following Pfizer Experimental COVID-19 Jab


The fact that teenagers can receive an experimental vaccine for a virus they have a 99.99% survival rate shows how far our society has fallen.

If there is any group who has suffered the most from COVID-19 hysteria, it’s children.

Lockdowns psychologically abused teenagers and young kids by cutting off their social contacts, closing schools, and muzzling them with face diapers.

Tragically, children suicides dramatically increased last year.

Instead of helping our children by letting them socialize with their friends and breathe fresh air, we’re putting their health at risk through experimental vaccines.

Reports from Utah show that 17-year old Everest Romney began suffering painful side effects shortly after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

His symptoms began 1 day after receiving the injection.

And the high school basketball player had never shown signs of illness.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors had this horrifying diagnosis:

Children’s Health Defense had the scoop:

A Utah teen remains hospitalized with three blood clots in and near his brain that developed after he received the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

Everest Romney, 17, received the vaccine April 21 and began experiencing neck pain, fever and severe headaches one day later. His mother, Cherie Romney, said her son’s pediatrician initially dismissed the symptoms as a pulled neck muscle. However, she was convinced it was something else, ABC4 News reported.

After more than a week of symptoms and being unable to freely move his neck, the family got this diagnosis: two blood clots inside his brain, and one on the outside.

“In a million years, I never expected it,” Romney said. “The worst thing, the worst thing, is to have the doctor come in and say, ‘OK, well, we found two blood clots inside his brain.’ The hardest thing was I let him get that shot. And he was healthy and well before. But you question it, you can’t help but question it when it all goes wrong.”

Everest was released from the ICU May 5, but has a long way to go. His mother said it’s unclear how long he will be in the hospital. “We needed a miracle, we still still do. But we believe in miracles,” she said.

Romney doesn’t want to discourage parents from letting their kids get the vaccine because she believes each parent must make the decision for their children, but she wished her choice had been a different one.

The Utah Department of Health told FOX 13 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is tasked with investigating possible vaccine side-effects.

“In weighing the risk and benefits with COVID as opposed to COVID vaccinations, we strongly encourage our patients to become vaccinated because the risk is much less than the risk of the disease,” said University of Utah Health’s Dr. Richard Orlandi in a press conference.

CDC, Pfizer deny blood clot risks, but studies suggest otherwise

After administering nearly 100 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, the CDC reported there hasn’t been a single related case of a blood clot forming in the brain as of April 12.

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The CDC’s statement contradicts numerous news reports, studies, scientists and the agency’s own system for monitoring adverse reactions, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Utilizing a search criteria that included reports of blood clots associated with blood clotting disorders, VAERS yielded a total of 2,808 reports for all three vaccines from Dec. 14, 2020, through April 30. Of the 2,808 cases reported, there were 1,043 reports of blood clotting disorders attributed to Pfizer.

Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, CDC, FDA, NIH, the mainstream press.

They’re all culpable in the Medical Fascist State that’s being inflicted upon this country.

Studies indicate that the risks of the experimental jab are undeniably higher than getting COVID-19 itself in children.

If we don’t wake up more of these brainwashed people, more kids are going to be put in harm’s way by receiving these experimental jabs.


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