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New York Times Gaslights Americans About Fuel Shortages Across the Southeast


With the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, there has been a frenzy in the Southeast United States due to gas shortages and spiked prices.

Many gas stations have reported being out of gas and comments indicate that people are waiting for hours to fill up their tanks.

Yet, the fake New York Times wants to pretend like there’s no unfolding crisis.

From earlier today:

Comments on Twitter blasted the New York Times for failing to do basic research to see how these real gas shortages disrupted the lives of millions of Americans.

If you browse Twitter, you’ll likely find hundreds of tweets commenting on gas stations being out of gas and ridiculously long lines to fill up.

Just a few more:

With rising inflation and gas shortages, the United States is getting a good taste of a Biden socialist utopia.

And like we witnessed with toilet paper in 2020, many people are hoarding gasoline due to the uncertainty of Colonial Pipeline’s operations.

Zero Hedge reported:

As a result of the Colonial Pipeline Co. hack, RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. warned customers that some of its gas stations in the Southeast were experiencing shortages. A spokeswoman for the company said its filling stations in Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama were experiencing disruptions.

Fuel shortages have spread from Florida to Virginia as the shutdown of Colonial’s 2.5 million barrels pipeline remains partially offline for the fourth day. We noted earlier that a section of the pipeline system from Greensboro, North Carolina, to Baltimore had been briefly turned on.

Liberty Petroleum Corp. Chief Operating Officer John Patrick said customers in Virginia and Maryland waited as long as five hours to fill up their tanks. People are also paying exorbitantly high prices as shortages lead to empty stations. According to AAA, the national average retail price rose to $2.985/gallon Tuesday, the highest since 2014, 2.5% over last week’s figures.


Colonial Pipeline reopened a section of its paralyzed pipeline system after a ransomware attack, reconnecting some East Coast markets with a critical supply hub, according to Bloomberg.

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Colonial’s line connecting storage facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina, to Baltimore has briefly resumed for a “limited period while existing inventory is available,” Colonial stated Monday.

The section of line in the oil-refining part of South Texas that runs to North Carolina remains shuttered. Across the Southeast, fuel shortages have materialized at gas stations.

We’re not sure on the location, but this guy isn’t playing around – filling up a several hundred-gallon tank as shortages worsen in the Southeast.

In a bid to alleviate some of the shortage, the Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency fuel waiver on Tuesday for refiners to reformulate gasoline in the Mid-Atlantic area. The waiver extends through May 18 for fuel sold in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

And just like that, the Southeast of the US is heading down a dark path similar to one of the 1970s gas shortages from Virginia to Florida to Alabama following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Even with Colonial set to restore systems by the weekend, shortages have already materialized as people panic hoard.

The real panic has yet to begin as millions of Americans are waking up for work, hopping into their vehicle across the Southeast, and are hearing fuel shortages on the radio or reading push notifications on their phone. Driving down the street, they see rising fuel prices, signs at pumps that either read shortage or pump restrictions, or even see some gas stations closed.


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