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California High School Puts Seniors in Harm’s Way to Get 12 Million Dollars


A San Francisco high school has allowed their seniors to return for in-person learning… for one day only. All of this so that they could qualify for 12 million dollars in COVID relief money.  The Daily Mail shares the story:

San Francisco’s high school seniors will return to school for just one day so the city can qualify for $12million in state funds.

The deal between the district and teachers union, which has been described as a blatant money grab, will see the class of 2021 not even receive any in-person instruction from teachers but will instead have ‘in-person supervision’.

Most students will not return to their own schools as only two high school sites are being made available to seniors who will be welcomed back ‘for at least one day before the end of the school year’.

For months, the teacher’s union had placed unrealistic roadblocks in the way of parents that simply wanted their children to attend school in person.

Despite states like Florida allowing in-person learning as early as the fall of 2020, many California teacher’s unions used the threat of COVID to hold entire school districts hostage. After all, children put teachers at risk. The Daily Wire describes some of the hurdles:

The bizarre arrangement is the result of months of negotiations between the district and the teachers union, which demanded that students return to classrooms only when all of the district’s teachers were fully vaccinated, according to the SF Chronicle, even though, the outlet noted, private schools and some nearby school districts have been in-person for some time.

With a selfless tone, the unions tried to convince progressive parents that this was in their children’s best interest. Until of course, it was more profitable to exploit their students rather than simply ban them. For teachers, the money on the line was 12 million dollars.

For months, parents were assured that teachers were doing everything they could to reopen. Turns out the only negotiating happening was determining how little they could educate students while still getting COVID bailout money.

Check out this infuriating bit:

“After months of pushback, the teachers union announced Sunday the ‘exciting news’ that they had reached an agreement with the district to allow seniors to return,” the Daily Mail added

Although the arrangement would likely prove fruitless for the class of 2021, the SF Chronicle notes that it does help the school district qualify for state-level COVID-19 relief grants because it allows the district to claim that, technically, students returned to reopened classrooms in the 2020-2021 school year.

They labeled the fact that Seniors could come to school for a single day, “Exciting” news. Incredible.

In a liberal utopia, the saying, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s infuriating witnessing people who are supposed to care for our children behave in such a self-serving manner. However,  the real tragedy is what is happening to America’s students.

In the case of this high school, these seniors were robbed of what many imagine to be the greatest year of their educational life. These students had homecoming dances and proms, taken from them without the slightest hesitation. All for what? So teachers could stay home and districts could receive bailout money?

This type of exploitation can be hard to comprehend. What is happening in California is tragic but it does bring to light what we all suspected. The left doesn’t care about people. They don’t care about children. Their only concern is leveraging whatever they can on the altar of power.

In case we need another reminder of this fact, check out this video on Rumble. You can hear it straight from the left’s mouth.





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