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Liberal Medical Professionals Cuss Out & Give the Finger to Those Unwilling to Take Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines


Is this how liberals expect to convince Americans suspicious of the side effects of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines?

Having medical professionals taunt them with their ‘infinite knowledge’ of healthcare?

In pure arrogance and snob-like behavior, that’s what this group of doctors and nurses did in a PSA about vaccine hesitancy.

Using foul language and even a middle finger, these doctors and nurses scolded Americans for the crime of thinking for themselves.

Here’s the condescending clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

“Grow the f**k up and get the vaccine.”

“Look at all my diplomas.”

Jimmy Kimmel goes on to comment that we should all listen to doctors who have been on the frontline.

But here’s a newsflash that many Americans aren’t willing to accept.

Just like politicians, scientists and doctors can be paid off to push propaganda to the masses.

That’s exactly what these “smarter than we are” health professionals are doing, pushing propaganda.

They flaunt their fancy degrees and job titles to say Americans are stupid for worrying about life-threatening side effects of the vaccines.

But when you look at the thousands of individuals who have passed away or faced severe injuries from these experimental vaccines, these propagandists don’t look so smart.

These paid-off propagandists don’t care about your health and want you to fall in line with the narrative being pushed by the establishment.

Shut up and get the vaccine.

No questions asked.

If you experience life-threatening side effects, it’s not our problem.

But you should listen to us anyway since our degrees make us smarter than you.

It’s sick, and honestly, an embarrassing attempt by the left to intimidate, belittle, and scold Americans into accepting medical tyranny.


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