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LEAKED DOCUMENTS Provide More Reasons To STOP Supporting Disney

Recent reports have shed light on the company forcing employees to comply with its radically woke agenda, and include reparations among other things.


I am beyond furious.

If the firing of Gina Carano wasn’t enough to make you boycott The Disney corporation, then maybe this right here will.

Tucker Carlson revealed to the world via Chris Rufo, that the company was forcing its employees to take part in its radical woke agenda.

The report cited reparations, and ‘de-colonizing’ the bookshelf, and it didn’t stop there.

Conservatives have known for a while that this type of behavior is not only expected from Disney, but seems to be the multinational corporation’s M.O.

In response to the Gina Carano firing I deleted my Disney+ subscription, perhaps this new report will inspire my fellow Conservatives to do the same.

Take a look:

Fox News had more on the story: 

It's almost we're saving that tape. So here you have someone who
is clearly not very smart, rolling her eyes, and because she does some kind of in-house focus group with like, 11 people, your kids don't get to watch the movies that you grew up watching because of an unhappy person whose name we will never noticed that they were racist.

Now, we're learning that that's just the tip of the iceberg. Disney is
training its employees that the United States, the country that produced Disney is in fact evil. Chris Rufo is a journalist who has obtained a trove of internal documents from Disney. They're all part of a program the company calls "Reimagine Tomorrow."

In one part of the training, which is called "Allyship for Race
Consciousness." Can you even imagine? Disney claims that, quote: "The United States has a long history of systemic racism and transphobia." By the way, transphobia is a word that didn't exist like 20 minutes ago, what do you mean a long history of it? Nobody even heard of that until some unhappy Sociology major from Wesleyan made it up and imposed on the rest of

Daily Mail provided us with Disney's response: 

A Walt Disney Company spokesperson said in an emailed statement to that the internal documents are being 'deliberately distorted as reflective of company policy.'

'Their purpose was to allow diversity of thought and discussion on the incredibly complex and challenging issues of race and discrimination that we as a society and companies nationwide are facing,' the spokesperson said.

'The Disney brand has a long history of inclusivity, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate people's differences, as we have consistently demonstrated," said the Disney spokesperson, citing recent movies like Moana, Coco, Black Panther, Soul, and Raya and the Last Dragon. 'As a global entertainment company we are committed to continuing to tell stories that reflect the rich diversity of the human experience.'

The 22-page 'Reimage Tomorrow' document says to 'take ownership of educating yourself about structural anti-black racism' and to 'work through feelings of guilt, shame and defensiveness to understand what is beneath them and what needs to be healed.'


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