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Black Hammer (Black Separatist Group) Acquires 200 Acres in Colorado to Create Communist State


No, this isn’t the Babylon Bee.

Unfortunately, it’s not even The Onion.

This is real life.

A black separatist group that calls itself the Black Hammer organization has recently announced that they have acquired 200 acres of land in Colorado.


They intend to build a city there.

But that’s not all.

Black Hammer is very open about their intentions.

They want to eventually turn this city into a separate communist state.

And that’s not the worst part.

Black Hammer is not only racist, they are openly anti-White and anti-Semetic and brag about it on their website and all over social media.

More details on this alarming development below:

How bad is the group?

Well, they apparently want to burn all of Anne Frank’s books.

And they even refer to her as the “bleach demon.”

Unsurprisingly, none of the mainstream news organizations except Fox News have covered this scary story:

A communist organization in Colorado bragged online about burning copies of Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s diary while calling her a “bleach demon” and making several anti-Semitic statements online.

The Black Hammer Organization, a communist group that advertises itself as a “symbol of hope for the colonized working class,” posted online that they were burning copies of Frank’s diary to keep warm in the mountains of the Centennial State.

“Y’all [whities] keep asking us how we’re going to keep ourselves warm up in the mountains?” the organization tweeted on Tuesday. “Don’t y’all already know it just takes a good book to burn and some nice wood. And best believe we have plenty of copies to keep us warm all season long.”

The organization then posted a follow-up tweet to their book-burning brag on Tuesday, saying the group does not “share the same material reality” with the people descended from “[G]erman imperialists.” They also called Frank a colonizer in a separate tweet.

“Colonizers have enslaved, genocided, ate, tortured, and oppressed us for centuries, but get mad when we say we’re going to “burn” a yt girl’s diary,” they wrote. “Sorry, but we don’t share the same material reality with daughters of [G]erman imperialists in armies that killed our people.”

In the same tweet thread, they compared Christopher Columbus as well as former Presidents Andrew Jackson and George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler, who orchestrated the genocide that killed Frank.

The group also claimed that European Jews “were financing the slave ships from Africa to the [A]mericas” and “experimenting upon the Harero people” with the Germans on “Shark Island.”

Black Hammer also claimed in other anti-Semitic tweets that Frank was “literally amerikan propaganda used to silence colonized people on the harm yt jews are doing today to colonized people,” followed by a quote from Malcolm X criticizing Jewish people.

They also referred to Frank — who died at age 15 in a Nazi concentration camp — as a “bleach demon” and claimed that the proceeds from the sale of her diary fund a genocide against Palestinians.

“Anne Frank’s father participated in an imperial army that went abroad [and] killed African people everyday, but we’re supposed to cry for the bleach demon,” the group tweeted. “What makes it even worse is proceeds of her diary, which was filled in by her father, go towards genocide of Palestinians.”

The Black Hammer Organization also responded to the Twitter account’s warning that radicals “are calling Anne Frank a colonizer.”

But this is just the beginning.

The black separatist group is taking concrete steps to make their vision of a communist state a reality.

The fact that they were able to acquire 200 acres worth of land in Colorado should alarm everyone.

And it’s not just Colorado.

Apparently there are Black Hammer groups in many states.

These include Utah and Illinois.

Other chapters of Black Hammer boasted on social media about the acquisition of 200 acres of land in Colorado.

You know things are bad when you have to rely on foreign news sources to cover news here in the USA.

While other major news outlets are refusing to cover this story, RT has quite the scoop:

A band of “anticolonial” and racist activists have “liberated” land high in the Colorado mountains to build a utopian city for minorities. Commenters are expecting a rerun of the Jonestown cult, but with more anti-Semitism.

Openly communist, overtly anti-white, and proudly anti-Semitic, the ‘Black Hammer’ organization isn’t afraid of a fight. The group’s Twitter account fires off hourly invectives against the “cave beast” white race it sees as “colonizers,” and against the Jewish people it accuses of funding the “pig departments and prison systems that mass incarcerate and kill us everyday.” Bizarrely, the group has taken a fix on Anne Frank, calling the Holocaust victim a “bleach demon,” whose death – to them – overshadowed the suffering of colonized people worldwide.

Black Hammer members have taken part in rallies and protests across the country, but the scant media reports on their activities don’t mention the racism and the apparently pathological fixation on Jews. Instead, they praise the “activist group” for holding vigils for coronavirus victims and handing out masks, food and clothing to their fellow people of color.

But while they’ve been pushing Farrakhan-style racism on Twitter and getting stuck into charity work on the streets, Black Hammer’s members have been stockpiling cash. A GoFundMe campaign organized by the group has pulled in nearly $65,000 since last July. The group wants $500,000 to build a city of their own, with free healthcare, free rent, and no cops. White people and Jews are presumably not welcome.

On Monday, the group announced that it had “successfully liberated 200 Acres of Land to build our City,” adding that their real-life Wakanda would be “FOR COLONIZED PEOPLE ONLY.” Presumably, “liberated” in this instance means “bought.”

Located somewhere in Colorado, the ‘Hammer City’ site apparently has “rich soil,” as well as “one lake and three rivers.”

Black Hammer is not the first American group to buy land on which to build a racially-exclusive enclave. White nationalists have previously taken advantage of low land prices in states like Montana and North Dakota to set up ‘Pioneer Little Europe’ communities – ethnically homogenous settlements of like-minded whites.

But while the racists in Montana and North Dakota bought up fertile land, commenters pointed out that the Black Hammer crew might find it hard to build a sustainable city so high in the mountains. “May God have mercy on them,” one wrote, “for the arid scrubland of one of the most historically inhabitable regions on earth will not.”

If this doesn’t make you terrified of the radical left’s vision for the future of America, it should.

We have no desire for this future.

And we will fight to make sure that this perverted vision of America does not spread!

We need President Trump to Make America Great Again!


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