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Lawmakers Investigating Invisible Energy Attacks Around DC


It’s not science fiction.

This is real.

Mysterious energy attacks being used to attack US diplomats.

We’ve heard about them being used in other countries, even on US agents. 

According to Fox News:

Marc Polymeropolous, a 26 year veteran of the CIA, … was forced to retire as the CIA’s official for clandestine operations in Europe after suffering a mysterious traumatic brain injury and debilitating side effects following a trip to Moscow in 2017.

“I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredible case of vertigo, of tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. I was falling over. I was nauseated,” Polymeropolous said in an interview with Fox News. “There was no mistake that something really, really terrifying happened that night in Moscow. I had been in Afghanistan. I spent time in Iraq. This was the most terrifying experience of my life.” 

The veteran CIA officer was staying at the Marriott Hotel near the US Embassy when he was attacked. His case resembles symptoms described by 40 US diplomats in Havana serving at the US Embassy and a dozen US diplomats serving in China who in 2016 began experiencing extreme vertigo and nausea, sometimes following a loud, piercing sound that experts now believe was the result of directed radiofrequency energy in the form of a microwave.

However, lawmakers now believe that these attacks have been happening here in the United States. 

And one of those attacks has allegedly taken place right outside the White House.

More from Fox News:

Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, the top Republican and Democrats heading the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, issued a stern statement acknowledging for the first time US officials had been “attacked,” suggesting the attacks are ongoing and “increasing.” Now two cases are being investigated on U.S. soil, including one that allegedly took place last year near the ellipse outside the White House and another that targeted a National Security Council official.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire has pressed the State Department and intelligence community for years about the alleged attacks on US diplomats.

In a heated exchange with Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, she referenced open source reporting of the incident outside the White House. “One of the incidents described here happened on the ellipse in late 2020. And that’s very close to the White House,” Senator Shaheen said to Haines.

CNN reports:

Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN that while the Pentagon and other agencies probing the matter have reached no clear conclusions on what happened, the fact that such an attack might have taken place so close to the White House is particularly alarming.

Defense officials briefed lawmakers on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees on the matter earlier this month, including on the incident near the White House. That incident, which occurred near the Ellipse, the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House, sickened one National Security Council official, according to multiple current and former US officials and sources familiar with the matter.

This is new revelation naturally has people scared and there has been a lot of chatter about the situation on Twitter:

The consequences of microwave or sonic weapons existing here on US soil are frightening, to say the least.

How does one protect themselves from a weapon they can’t see coming?

Interesting Engineering had some fascinating (and horrifying)  theories about how these weapons work and how they could be used:

A directed-energy weapon using microwaves could rapidly heat parts of the body — especially where there is less blood flow, like the ears, testes, or brain. But more likely than microwaves in the “Havana Syndrome” event — and possibly the one near the White House — is the use of a sonic weapon, or long-range acoustic device.

Sonic weapons can cause lung and liver damage at the right decibel setting. “When these things [are] getting up close to 200-decibel range that’s actually going to cause physical changes in the body,” said Jai Galliott, a director of values in defense and technology and former (Australian) naval officer at the University of New South Wales, Australia, in an ABC report.

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It’s “been proven that exposure to continuous low frequency for an extended period of time can have other effects on the brain, in terms of potentially affecting brain tissue,” added Galliott. And these weapons are real. This technology has existed since the 1970s and entered public discussions in the 1980s. But since the technology remains under the almost exclusive purview of high-level government officials — like the DoD or CIA — it’s not easy to flesh out precisely how the weapon and the White House event’s symptoms are causally related.

“It’s not particularly complicated technology, it’s more about how they use them [and] the effect that they have once wielded [that’s more unkown],” explained Galliott to ABC. “Certainly Russia would have that technology, the United States would have that technology. And China as well.”

While it’s far too soon to say which device, if any, caused the debilitating symptoms experienced by U.S. officials near the White House and elsewhere in the preceding months, we could be entering a new era of discreet but effective attacks on high-level officials — leaving no trace of agents to blame. Perhaps the energy attacks were launched from a low-flying drone, or a human operator poised nearby, although this is plain speculation.

The threats on the Homeland seem to keep increasing and it is worrying that no one even in the government can figure out what the true source of the attacks are, or even where they are coming from.

The leadership in the country, even in the CIA, has become weak and woke, and Americans may have the face the fact that we are no longer leading when it comes to military technology.

With so many enemies chomping at the bit to attack, and the government living in a fairyland where the biggest issues seem to be masking, personal pronouns, and gender identity, this is a truly scary time for America.


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