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Caitlyn Jenner Not Woke Enough: Left Turns On Her…Him…Her


If you’ve been on Twitter,  you know that all of social media is a frothing pool of rage against one of their own, Caitlyn Jenner.

What sort of sin would cause these loving, peacemaking tolerant people to act this way? To lay one of their own beloved icons on the altar of cultural ex-communication? Because according to them, Caitlyn hates trans people.

A little-viewed news outlet NBC reports:

Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic champion and reality TV personality now running for governor in California, said she opposes transgender girls competing in girls’ sports at school.

Jenner, a 1976 decathlon gold medalist who came out as a transgender woman in 2015, told a TMZ reporter on Saturday that it’s “a question of fairness.”

“That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school. It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” Jenner said Saturday during a brief interview in a Malibu parking lot.

What a monster. Of course, the left had to respond to such an overtly angry, and hateful response such as this. Tweets from all over the nation and every pronoun started to pour in.

Even George Takei, of Star Trek fame, voiced his disdain for this deviant of American society.

Truer words have never been spoken, George.

The sentiment of the left can be summed up by a tweet from Erin, who along with her name, wants you to know she’s also boycotting Arkansas businesses. Weird flex considering she lives in Washington, DC…

But in the middle of all this tweet shouting, one may ask. “Is this really about trans people?”

After all, it was in 2015 when Caitlyn took the stage at the ESPY’s to deliver a speech that some declared as “one of the greatest steps for trans people everywhere” ESPN, the organizers, give us a glimpse into that magical night.

Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS on Wednesday night and urged acceptance for others who are transgender.

Jenner received a standing ovation from some of the sporting world’s biggest stars after her 10-minute speech during the annual awards show honoring the year’s top athletes and moments.

Here are a few more tweets from 2015:

Oh, look! Even George Takei who called Caitlyn a menace the other day had this to say about her in 2015 (See picture):

So what changed?

If you’ve been a regular observer of how far-left, feigned moral outrage works, there’s usually something else going on. In the article from NBC, we get some explanation as to what the real reason for this outrage might be.

Jenner, a Republican, supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election but later criticized his administration for some discriminatory actions against transgender people.

That’s the first strike against Caitlyn. Any support of the president no matter how minimal puts a target on your back. The second strike can be found a few paragraphs down.

“Jenner is gonna be America’s ‘some of my friends are trans’ trans woman that allows countless conservatives a little cover to decimate our rights,” trans filmmaker and author Leigh Finke said. “Not that they’ll succeed, but it’s the elbow room they need to better make their case, and hurt our kids.”

It’s almost cliche at this point but, if you stray from the narrative they want, you are now an instrument of hate and intolerance. Hence you must be treated with hate and intolerance.

We know how this goes.

“If you DON’T agree with me, you’re a hater. If you don’t take up my cause, you’re a serial killer.” It would be funnier if it wasn’t true.

Equality California, an LGBTQ advocacy organization, wrote: “Here are the facts: Caitlyn Jenner is willing to sacrifice the health & well-being of trans kids to win votes. Gavin Newsom is not. It’s that simple.”

And there we have the third strike against Caitlyn. She is running against Gavin Newsom for governor of California. Like the quote says, it’s that simple.

All of this didn’t matter before a few weeks ago. TMZ did not hunt for Caitlyn until she put her hat in the ring for office. She was so far outside of the social consciousness of the left, that Joy Behar of the View forgot that he identified as a woman.

At the end of the day, those on the left don’t actually care about transgender equality. They aren’t really outraged at what Caitlyn said about sports. They don’t even care about their narrative. The only thing that matters, is Power. This isn’t Reddit “propaganda”. It’s right there in an NBC article, including quotes from their leaders, for all to see.

If you threaten their natural order, the power structure, you must be punished. Sounds less like America and more like prison.

If you missed the video of Caitlyn Jenner being ambushed by TMZ, here it is below:



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