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“Cuomosexuals” Form Group To Defend “The Most Handsome Man In New York”


The pickings must really be slim in NYC when it comes to men these days.

Why else would a whole group of women be defending alleged sex abuser Andrew Cuomo of all people?

According to Fox Business:

A group of “Cuomosexuals” have formed an online fan group for embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo — and say they have been bombarding a state hotline set up to report allegations against to governor, according to a new report.

Cuomo, a divorced 63-year-old dad, has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, including groping and kissing, by a slew of women, many former aides.

The governor — who gained a large mainly female following, dubbed the “Cuomosexuals,” over his once-daily COVID-19 briefings — has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

He responded to the allegations against him again last week by saying that while he has “touched people,” it only involved such things as shaking hands, not unwanted sexual advances.



They couldn’t find a more gross-sounding name for their group than that?

As usual, the Dems double-standard and hypocrisy come shining through in this story.

While they attempted to destroy Justice Kavanaugh with no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever, now, the Cuomosexuals are reportedly attempting to thwart real justice from taking place by flooding the police hotline for complaints against NY governor Andrew Cuomo, with bogus calls.

According to the New York Post:

Fans formed the Facebook page “Women for Governor Cuomo” about a month ago — with some members urging people to confront his accusers online, attend pro-gubernatorial rallies and help fund supportive ads, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

The group boasts more than 1,100 followers, mostly women over age 55, some of whom say they have been calling the hotline and leaving messages in his defense.

“Support for the governor is what brought us all together,” said Pamela Morley, a 41-year-old upstate theater director who serves as one of the Facebook group’s moderators.

… Morley suggested that Cuomo’s kissing of women on the cheeks and hands is just part of his Italian heritage.

“It’s nothing new,” she told the Journal.

Another Facebook fan-club leader, Sandy Behan, 68, insisted of the allegations against Cuomo, “There’s nothing that an HR professional couldn’t have handled.

“One of the things they said was he gave everyone roses on Valentine’s Day. I think that’s a great thing,’’ she said.

… Lindsey Boylan — a former Cuomo aide who has accused him of once kissing her without warning and joking that he would “mount” her if she were a dog — decried some of the social-media posts that some of the “Women for Governor Cuomo” have put out.

“Online attacks like the ones I’ve received perpetuate a culture that makes it difficult for survivors to talk about the harassment and abuse they’ve experienced,” she told the Journal in a statement.

“We should hold our leaders accountable for their abuses rather than tear down those who have the courage to speak truth to power.”

Apparently, this love for all things Andrew Cuomo, began last year during the pandemic, when – get this – Cuomo was apparently named one of the most handsome men in New York.

From a New York Post article in 2020:

Women have called his daily briefings on the outbreak their “fix,” his appearances on Chris’ primetime show have also been a hit and social media and Tik Tok is flooded with people declaring their crushes on the brothers Cuomo. The hashtag #Cuomosexual even trended last month and has appeared on T-shirts.

So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when the siblings tied at the top of Nelson’s annual “Most handsome man in New York” survey, knocking actor Justin Theroux off his pedestal.

… The governor checks all the boxes for what Nelson’s clients look for: Intelligence, being family-oriented, “a strong man,” assertiveness and “they all want someone handsome.”

I weep for New York.

Meanwhile, all this attention on the sexual harassment claims and the so-called Cuomosexuals is taking the focus away from what is the real crime Cuomo should stand trial for– the nursing home scandal.

The New York Post reported today:

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo was securing a reported $4 million deal to write a book on his pandemic “leadership,” he and his staff were busy suppressing the truth about New York’s nursing-home deaths in the wake of the March 25 order that forced homes to admit COVID-contagious patients. And it now turns out the coverup was even worse than we’d thought.

On top of blocking health officials from telling the truth, senior staffers also quashed a scientific paper that reported the true fatality total, The New York Times reported.

A June 18 e-mail from top aide Melissa DeRosa to health officials shows Team Cuomo was “anxious” about a pending Department of Health report on nursing-home coronavirus fatalities and out to downplay the idea that the March 25 mandate had proved deadly.

The Cuomoites were publicly citing a nursing-home death toll of about 6,000 by ignoring home residents who’d died while hospitalized. The draft report shared the full count of over 9,700, noting that the homes accounted for “approximately 35 percent” of all NY coronavirus deaths. But DeRosa — who at the same time was intimately involved in the gov’s book-deal negotiations — and other staff got all that edited out. The final report said the homes only yielded 21 percent of the state’s virus death total, making it seem below, rather than above, the US average.

I wonder if the “Cuomosexuals” can find an angle to defend this.






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