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Texas Democrat in Hot Water After Using Racial Slur Against Tim Scott

Texas democrat Gary O'Connor called republican Tim Scott an "oreo," proving that racism still persists in the democrat party. O'Connor now faces calls to resign.


The mask of the democrat party has been removed for some time now, but the depth of the party’s racism is still revealing itself to Americans.

Over the past week, several democrats have verbally attacked republican Senator Tim Scott, calling him racial slurs such as ‘token,’ ‘Uncle Tom,’ and even “Uncle Tim.” 

Most recently, a Texas democrat went so far as to call Senator Scott an “oreo” in a post that has now been deletd from Facebook.

Gary O’Connor, who is the chair of the Lamar County Democratic Party, attacked Senator Scott following the latter’s criticism of Joe Biden’s address.

In the now deleted Facebook post, O’Connor wrote:

“I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles.”

Calls on O’Connor’s resignation are being echoed by republicans disgusted with the left’s casual racism.

Newsweek has more on the casual racism from the democrat party:

Texas Democrat Gary O'Connor is facing calls for his resignation after referring to Republican South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott as an "Oreo."

In a since-deleted Facebook post, O'Connor, who chairs the Lamar County Democratic Party, criticized Scott after the Republican delivered a rebuttal to President Joe Biden's Congressional address.

"I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles," he wrote.

The term "oreo" is sometimes used as a disparaging and offensive slur for a "Black person who is regarded as having adopted the attitudes, values, and behavior thought to be characteristic of middle-class white society, often at the expense of their own heritage," according to

Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon called for O'Connor to resign over his "abhorrent, insulting and unforgivable" remarks.

"Gary O'Connor's comment against Senator Tim Scott is abhorrent, insulting, and unforgivable. Both he and the entire Lamar County Democratic Party should be ashamed of this racist behavior," Fallon said in a statement. "O'Connor must apologize and step down immediately."

He added: "Additionally, I call on both the Democratic Party of Texas and the NAACP to condemn these words, and the state party should take swift action to censure him. This kind of behavior is not tolerable in Texas, the United States, or any political party."

Other critics took to social media to call for O'Connor to be ousted from his post.

Our friends at the Daily Wire have more on republican reaction to the post:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Saturday called for the resignation of a Texas Democratic Party official who called Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) an “oreo.”

Gary O’Connor, chairman of the Lamar County Democratic Party, wrote in a Facebook post that Scott – the lone black Republican in the Senate who delivered a scathing rebuttal on Wednesday following President Joe Biden’s address to the nation – is “little more than an oreo with no real principles.” The post has since been deleted.

“This is disgusting, hateful, and completely unacceptable,” the Republican governor wrote on Twitter. “O’Connor must apologize to @SenatorTimScott & step down immediately.” Abbott also said that the Texas Democratic Party should “censure him” for the racial slur.

Urban Dictionary defines “oreo” as a “Term for African Americans that the black community is generally offended with for betraying their roots usually for dating caucasian girls, dressing too white, talking too white, etc. The term is branded OREO since they are ‘Black on the outside, White on the inside.'”

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) also ripped the racist comment as “abhorrent, insulting, and unforgivable.”

The first-term congressman called on O’Connor to “apologize and step down immediately” and asked the Texas Democratic Party and the NAACP “to condemn these words.”


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