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AZ Audit Update: Security Plans Released AND Democrats Send ‘Experts’ to Observe


It appears Democrats are trying to undermine the truth from being revealed yet again.

2020 is anything from over. We know the election is illegitimate, and we get one step closer to the truth every day the Arizona audit continues. 

Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward had an update about observers that are now at the audit.

A group of ‘experts’ on election security asked the justice department to send federal monitors to Arizona. 

The two ‘experts’ are the Brennan Center for Justice and Protect Democracy Groups- two Democrat dirty players who advance social reengineering and identity politics such as BLM and activist groups.

Kelli Ward urgently pleads that these groups are literally destroying our nation and trampling on our constitutional rights.

We have the full video with Kelly Ward’s update:


The Arizona Senate has a right to audit the election how they see fit.

By pretending to monitor the audit of the election with the goal of interfering, Democrats and their ‘experts’ are not upholding the 10th Amendment as protected by the Supreme Court.

Another effort to derail the audit took place when documents were released with security plans. 

The security plans were released in a document that appeared on the website of the court on April 29th, available for anyone to view and download.

They were not supposed to be released due to their sensitive nature. 

Curious as I am about this judge who rejected an attempt to file the documents under seal?

Judge Daniel Martin was appointed by a Democratic governor and took over this case after another judge ‘recused’ himself.

Due to the release of these documents, the mainstream media is trying to figure out why UV scanners are being used. (Hello watermarks!)

AZ Central has more on this developing story:

The public has received the most detailed explanation yet of the route that every Maricopa County ballot will take through an unprecedented recount ordered by the state Senate.

The private company overseeing the recount released Thursday documents outlining policies and procedures for the audit, as ordered by a judge Wednesday, though one document remained under seal.

The 191 pages detailed a process that departs significantly from Arizona’s election procedures. But the documents leave much unclear.

What exactly are staffers looking for when examining ballots with UV lights?

What are the Senate’s contractors doing with election equipment that they obtained from the county government?

“It doesn’t make any sense, and I’ve seen a lot of audits,” said Tammy Patrick, a senior adviser of elections at Democracy Fund who previously worked for Maricopa County Elections Department and reviewed the recount procedures on Thursday.

The questions left unanswered by the documents added to those already swirling around the Republican-controlled Senate’s efforts to recount two races Democrats won in Maricopa County last year — president and U.S. Senate.

Counting continued at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Thursday for a sixth day. While everyone close to the process has refused to say who is funding the undertaking — beyond the $150,000 that the Senate agreed to pay the Florida-based firm Cyber Ninjas to manage it — a new private organization has sprouted up seeking $2.8 million to pay for the process.

It still remains unclear whether it is even possible to recount all 2.1 million before May 14, when the Senate and its contractors must clear out of the space it has rented for the purpose at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Ken Bennett, the former secretary of state serving as the Senate’s liaison in the process, would not say exactly how many ballots were counted Thursday but has maintained that the process is “on track.”

The policies and procedures filed in Maricopa County Superior Court were submitted as part of a lawsuit that the state Democratic Party and County Supervisor Steve Gallardo filed to stop the recount, arguing it violated election laws and lacked protections to secure the ballots as well as voter privacy.

Judges have not stopped the process but had ordered Cyber Ninjas to submit documents about its handling of ballots and voter information.

The company and lawyers for Senate Republicans fought in court to keep the files under seal, arguing the public release of the documents would compromise security or reveal trade secrets.

A judge rejected those arguments Wednesday.

But one document filed Thursday still remained sealed, available only to the court and lawyers in the case. Dan Barr, an attorney for the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona who has argued for making the documents public, said Cyber Ninjas maintained the file contained what it called sensitive security information.

The 191 pages filed publicly included a pile of manifests for the county’s deliveries to the Senate and a policy manual for CyFIR, another company contracted by the Senate, that did not appear to specifically deal with the audit.

The documents detailed the process for scanning each ballot to create an image of it and for inspecting the ink and paper of each. While the procedures called for staff to check for folds in the paper, it was unclear what they were supposed to find by placing the ballots against UV lights.

The documents pointed to some obvious departures from Arizona’s procedures for auditing election results.

The Democrats’ ‘experts’ are not needed and are an obvious attempt to derail the audit. 

We must expose this so false Democrat facts cannot take root!

Here is how some are reacting to the recent audit news:

The Arizona audit must be completed as planned to successfully prove what we all know- that the election was stolen and rigged.

Clearly, the efforts made by the Democrats to intervene in this audit are because they do not want to prove Biden illegitimate.

President Trump won by a landslide, and they know it.

And sooner rather than later, Democrats will have to accept that.


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