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WATCH: “Abolish the Police” Protester Blocks Road, Gets Hit By Car, Wishes Police Were There


“Abolish the Police” protesters attempted to block the roads in Portland, Oregon.

A semi-truck was able to get through the crowd, so another person driving a sedan attempted to get through the crowd also.

Well, an “Abolish the Police” protester got in front of the car, trying to stop the person from getting from their destination.

The driver was not having it.

He ran right into the Antifa member!

Antifa radicals began hitting the car and trying to hurt the driver, who had the window open.

Fortunately, neither the driver nor the vehicle were injured.

See the incredible moment below:

Don’t want to get hit by a car?

Here’s a novel idea: don’t illegally block or cross the road!

Townhall is one of the few news organizations reporting on this story:

A driver in Portland, Oregon, had an intense interaction with Abolish the Police protesters on Thursday after driving through the crowd, which resulted in a protester on the hood of his car and another person attempting to damage the vehicle.

The short clip shows the car following a semi-truck going around the blocked intersection, angering the crowd. A protester jumps on the hood of the car while holding an umbrella that says “Abolish the police.” Another person then runs up to the open window of the car and appears to punch the driver. A third person then uses a small bag to hit the car.

People in the crowd can be heard yelling, “Get it!” presumably referring to the license plate so they can report the driver to the police.

The independent reporter who captured the moment said she was surprised at how much anger was directed at the protesters and not the driver.

Did you notice how the protesters wanted to get the license plate?

They wanted the plate number so they could report the incident to the police.

In other words, the people who are protesting to “Abolish the Police” want to report this to the police and they also want help FROM the police.

The cognitive dissonance couldn’t be any more alarming.

The scariest part is that these people are voters!

It appears that the driver wasn’t the aggressor.

Aside from Antifa BLOCKING the street, they’ve been known to pull people out of cars and beat them up.

It appears that the driver was acting in self defense to protect himself and the vehicle.

One of the most notorious incidents happened last year.

Portland protesters pulled a driver out of a truck and BEAT him UNCONSCIOUS.

After knowing that, I can’t blame the driver for wanting to keep himself safe.

Local KTVZ news reports:

Protesters punched and kicked a man to the ground in Portland after he crashed his truck onto the sidewalk on Sunday night near otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

Portland police said they received a report around 10:30 p.m. of protesters chasing a truck a few blocks from the downtown federal courthouse. The driver crashed and was then assaulted, authorities said.

Video posted online of the incident showed the man sitting in the street next to the truck. A crowd gathered around him and repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head until he was bloody. It wasn’t immediately clear what led to the crash or the confrontation.

Portland police said their response to the assault was “complicated by a hostile group.” Authorities made no arrests and are investigating the incident.

The man was later loaded into an ambulance and taken to a hospital with serious injuries, Portland police Sgt. Kevin Allen told The Oregonian/Oregon Live. The truck was towed.

Prior to the assault, police described the demonstrations in Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square parks as peaceful.

Earlier in the evening, a crowd had gathered to listen to speeches and marched toward the police precinct.

Police reported that items were thrown at the building, but officers did not interact with the crowd, other than making the “area safe for employees getting in and out of the building.”

In another area, Letha Winston, whose son Patrick Kimmons, 27, was fatally shot by Portland police in 2018, led a group of marchers downtown. The demonstrators ended outside the federal courthouse, where people left flowers and candles beside a photo of Kimmons.

During Sunday’s protests, there were no arrests and no tear gas was deployed, police said.

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Overnight Saturday a riot was declared and police used crowd control munitions, including smoke, to disperse a gathering outside a law enforcement building.

Authorities said people had thrown “softball size” rocks, glass bottles and other objects at officers. Two police officers were treated at the hospital after being hit by rocks. Eleven people were arrested.

Demonstrations that often turn violent have gripped Oregon’s biggest city for more than two months following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Participants have repeatedly broken into the offices of a police union headquarters building miles from the federal courthouse.

Based on this incident, it’s clear that Antifa doesn’t actually know what it means to “Abolish the Police.”

The reality is that our men and women in blue keep us all safe!

As long as you are following the law!


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