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Why Didn’t the Feds Take Copy of Hunter’s Laptop?


While Joe Biden was giving his speech last night, still trying to convince the world that he is the uniter-in-chief, his justice department had reportedly just finished raiding the house of yet another Trump ally.

This is scary stuff.

Scarier still is the story reported by Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night alleging that the Fed’s picked up a hard drive containing a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop during the raid. But after finding out what was on the hard drive they put it back down again.

Here’s what Tucker had to say about it:

The one electronic device the feds didn’t seize in today’s raid was a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive from his laptop. Giuliani had a copy of it in his apartment. At one point, agents picked it up and looked at it. But when Giuliani told them it came from Hunter Biden, they put it down, and they left it there. It was the one thing they didn’t want. That’s very strange if you think about it. The Justice Department is now telling us that Giuliani was somehow involved in foreign tampering with our democracy. Russia, by implication, was involved. So you’d think they’d want to examine Rudy Giuliani’s own copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Why? Because Hunter Biden himself just told us on television that laptop, that hard drive, could be tied directly to Russian intelligence. The fake Russian laptop, with all the photoshopped pictures of Hunter Biden smoking fake Russian crack with fake Russian hookers. Why wouldn’t the FBI want to see Rudy Giuliani’s own copy of that? Well, you’d think they would. Because as Joe Biden told us during the October debate on TV, he believed Rudy Giuliani was a quote “pawn” of Russian intelligence.

JOE BIDEN: We are in a situation where we have foreign countries trying to interfere in the outcome of our election.  His own national security adviser told him that what is happening with his buddy, Rudy Giuliani, he’s being used as a Russian pawn. He’s being fed information that is Russian. Information that is not true.

Oh, he’s being fed information by Russian intelligence, by Vladimir Putin. So, if Rudy Giuliani was working for the Russian government, as the now-president claimed in public, you’d think Biden’s Justice Department would want all the Russia-related evidence it could get from Rudy Giuliani’s apartment.

Oh, but they didn’t, that’s not what they wanted.

One can understand why Andrew Giuliani was furious with this apparent one-sided justice. Here’s what he said , courtesy of TMZ:

Andrew Giuliani — “Enough is enough! The only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there. And it does not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president’s son… All I will say is this, to all Americans out there our Justice Department should be independent of politics. Enough is enough, ladies and gentlemen. We cannot stand for this anymore. And again, if this can happen to the president’s lawyer, this can happen to any one of us.”

Not surprisingly, many on the Right are upset as well. Jesse Watter’s showed visible emotion as he talked about it on “The Five” yesterday, which the Left-leaning PoliticusUSA described as “whining”:

 “Now Democratic prosecutors want to lock up a 76 year old icon for a lobbying technicality? Because he advised the President he should fire a rotten ambassador? You don’t have to register to lobby for that! Hunter Biden advised his dad to fire a prosecutor, did he register? Where’s the raid on Hunter’s house? Did Rudy Giuliani steal any money, did he hurt anybody, did he engage in treason? No!”

Watters continued his rant, “You’re not disturbed by the fact that two Trump lawyers have their homes raided, the campaign manager has his home raided, another confidante has his home raided? You’re not disturbed by that pattern?”

This story is still unfolding and will be the object of much discussion in the coming weeks on this, and other media sites. But the pattern is alarming. Why would the Feds so blatantly ignore evidence sitting right in front of them which would incriminate someone from the Left?

How did the Trump-hating Lincoln Project already know about the raid, as also reported by Tucker Carlson?

At 6 a.m. on Wednesday, federal agents raided the home of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. They seized his personal property, including his electronic devices, which included all of his digital communications and records. Before they did this, the feds notified their allies at the Democratic Party’s campaign operation, The Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project then bragged online that they knew the raid was coming. You may have imagined that the Lincoln Project was done, we told you that, in fact. We believed it was permanently discredited by a child molestation scandal. Which they admitted. But it wasn’t. Under this administration, the Lincoln Project is stronger than ever – strong enough to know about an FBI raid before it happens. And of course, it’s stronger, because the Lincoln Project is an ally of the White House, and so by definition, they can do whatever they want, and they do.

Here is the tweet many believe he is referring to:

These are questions that need answers.

Because until we do, half of this country feels like we need to fear our own justice department because of what side of the political aisle we are on.

And as the old quote goes, ” When people fear the government, there is tyranny.”


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