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EXPOSED: Biden’s 85% Speech Approval Only Polled 16.9% Republicans


Let’s get this straight: Joe Biden supposedly received 85 million votes.

Biden is supposedly the “most popular president in history.”

And he supposedly has an 85% approval rating of his first speech to a joint session of Congress.

So riddle us this: if Joe Biden is so popular, then why is the media working overtime to tilt poll results in his favor?

It has now been revealed that the poll showing Biden’s alleged 85% speech approval only included 169 Republicans in its sampling of 1,000 people.

In other words, the poll only included 16.9% Republicans in its sample.

You don’t need to be a political scientist to know that that number is ridiculously low.

Here’s what CBS reported:

Fortunately, many social media users began calling CBS out.

After all, remember when the mainstream media also told us that Biden would win by 17 percentage points?!

It’s never been clearer that polling is now being used to shape public opinion, not measure public opinion.

Here’s what people had to say about the poll:

CBS had 1,000 be part of the poll.

Instead of trying to accurately represent America’s demographics, only 169 Republicans were included.

They were tremendously undersampled.

Unfortunately, when news stations report their polling numbers, they hardly talk about the poll sampling or their methodology.

People who don’t regularly pay attention to politics might not realize how badly the number is inflated.

The experts at The National Pulse did a detailed breakdown on the poll’s sampled audience:

In a stunningly duplicitous story aimed at shoring up the response to Biden’s speech, CBS claimed on television and on their website: “Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden’s speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.”

What they didn’t tell their viewers, nor readers, is that the poll was wildly biased towards self-identifying “Democrats” and traditionally left-leaning “Independents” and self-described “Moderates”.

They polled 510 Democrats, and just 169 Republicans. They added 235 “Independents” to the methodology, which also usually skew left. A further 3 percent were not identified.

The full poll details reveal that CBS actually spoke with 10,420 U.S. adults and then whittled the sample size down to just 943.

Of this 943:

54% were Democrats (510 people)
25% were Independents (235 people)
18% were Republicans (169 people)
While the full cross-tabs have not been published, it is a safe assumption that these Democrat + Independent numbers add up to 79 percent of those polled, and this represents 93 percent of the 85 percent approval rate.

In other words, YouGov and CBS stacked their sample with leftists in order to create the result they wanted.

For example, if 54 percent of Republicans were polled, and just 18 percent Democrats, the results would have revealed a majority of Americans did not like Biden’s speech.

The use of polling in this matter is of course not new, but CBS and YouGov’s fraudulence in this regard is perhaps the worst example we have seen of malpractice in the industry.

If Biden is so popular, then he would have gotten higher ratings, especially since more people are staying indoors than ever before (due to the pandemic).

However, ratings indicate that this is the worst ratings for this type of a presidential address in decades, if not all time.

Come on…

This is North-Korea level propaganda.

No honest political scientist would take a poll with just 16.9% Republicans seriously.

Yet this poll was used to tout Biden’s “popularity.”

According to Red State, every day Americans are calling out the media for their fake polling:

Democrats are all rabidly promoting a CBS poll about the reaction to Joe Biden’s speech before Congress tonight. The poll claimed that 85% of the viewers they surveyed approved of Biden’s speech.

Here’s Fang Fang’s ex-boyfriend, Rep. Eric “I wouldn’t give anyone a straight answer about her” Swalwell (D-CA), pushing this nonsense.

The number 85% was even trending on Twitter for a period of time today.

Now, we can say a lot about polls, but 85% is North Korea level propaganda. It’s so high you know that there’s a problem. This is basically CBS trying to shill for the Democrats. They tried to sell that Americans saw Biden as “unifying” and “inspirational.” This is Joe Biden, guys, you can’t sell that here.

Listen as CBS tells us they spoke to a “representative” sample of Americans to reach those numbers. Except then as they explain more, the problem comes out. As they continue, that sample was anything but “representative.”

They admit the folks polled were “majority Democrats” but they still try to sell this number as somehow meaningful.

A deeper dive into their poll shows exactly how skewed the numbers were, it wasn’t just by a little, it was by a lot.

Here’s the composition of the people that they polled.

There were 54% Democrats, 25% Independents, and just 18% Republicans. They don’t account for 3%, which raises another question. What were those folks? Unicorns? Royal Order of Raccoons? Didn’t they fall into a category? Even “undecided?” We don’t know whether CBS just didn’t care to include them or can’t do math. So exactly how much is such a poll worth?

But the deeper information and the propaganda nature of the poll isn’t what goes out, just that number is. So people spread that number all over Twitter, thinking that somehow means something when all it means is they surveyed a ton of Democrats.


Truthfully, CBS should be ashamed they even try to sell this.

But hey, they were able to put one over on Meathead.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the media?!

It’s a shame that it’s now up to every day Americans to tell the truth…

But that’s what makes this country so great!


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