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US Catholic Bishops May Consider Denying Biden Communion


Either Biden needs to return to the confessional and adopt a pro-life stance, or he needs to admit he’s not a Catholic publically.

The Catholic faith has a firm stance on the sanctity of life, that through Jesus, all life matters no matter how small. Catholicism promotes life as a blessing and a gift.

By supporting the killing of the unborn, Biden disregards the sanctity of life.

How can Biden do something so contrary to the church’s teaching?

Biden is what traditional Catholics call a “cafeteria Catholic,” or one who picks and chooses which teachings he wants to believe. This is something Catholics are not allowed to do.

Biden’s anti-life stance has motivated the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to hold a meeting in June. At this meeting, the USCCB will consider whether its Committee on Doctrine needs to draft a document clarifying the church’s abortion stance.

Here is how Twitter reacted to this news:


It’s about time the Catholic church stepped up and brought this to the world’s attention.

The church needs to be firm with Catholic politicians-and Catholics everywhere- that they cannot support abortion and receive communion. Period.

Here is what our friends at  Fox News have to say:

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is holding a meeting in June to consider whether its Committee on Doctrine should draft a document clarifying the church’s stance on abortion.

The meeting and consideration come as President Biden continues to support abortion rights while also claiming the title of a “devout Catholic.”

While the USCCB deferred comment on exactly what would be discussed at the meeting or what any potential documents may contain, a spokesperson did confirm that the meeting will be held on June 4.

The spokesperson added that it would be premature to say exactly what any prospective documents discussed at the meeting would say or cover.

If the committee does decide to draft any kind of document at the June meeting, it likely would not be presented to the full body of bishops for discussion and a vote until November, the spokesperson said.

Certain bishops have made comments about clarifying the church’s abortion position and whether or not the president can receive Communion while also abortion rights, signaling that discussion of the issue may be brought up at the meeting later this summer.

Such a stance, by a public figure, is “a grave moral evil,” according to Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, who chairs the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities and believes it’s necessary to publicly rebuke Biden on the issue.

“Because President Biden is Catholic, it presents a unique problem for us,” Naumann told The Associated Press. “It can create confusion. … How can he say he’s a devout Catholic and he’s doing these things that are contrary to the church’s teaching?”

He added later that the president “doesn’t have the authority to teach what it means to be Catholic.”

“Whether intentional or not, he’s trying to usurp our authority,” Naumann told the outlet.

Such a document, if approved, would make clear the USCCB’s view that Biden and other Catholic public figures with similar viewpoints should not present themselves for Communion, Naumann said.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone told the AP that “there’s a growing sense of urgency” regarding the church’s stance on abortion, which he described as “not just one among many important issues” but “a direct attack on human life.”

The discussion stems from USCCB President Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, who decided to form a working group in November of 2020 to address the “complex and difficult situation” posed by Biden’s stances on abortion and other issues that differ from official church teaching.

Before disbanding, the group proposed the drafting of a new document addressing the issue of Communion — a project assigned to the doctrine committee.

A two-thirds majority would be needed for work to proceed, Naumann said. But even critics of the initiative, such as Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, predict the endeavor will win overwhelming approval.

One Catholic priest says he would not give Biden communion, only over his dead body.

In the video below, Father William Kosco of St Henry’s church in Arizona also says Biden’s ideas are not welcome at his church.

We have the clip from Newsmax:

Biden’s anti-catholicism sentiments were also highlighted on a Villanova University virtual conference call on April 23.

The conference was called “Taking Measure of the ‘Biden Effect’: American Catholics and the President.” It took place to discuss frustrations with Biden’s cafeteria catholicism and was hosted by the Charles Widger School of Law at Villanova.

The group shared frustrations that Biden’s two local bishops in Washington D.C. and Wilmington, Deleware, have said they will not deny him communion in their respective dioceses.

Even Pope Francis has said he wants to find a way to collaborate with the Biden administration.

This should come as no surprise, seeing he likes to “Build back better.”


True Catholics rebuke sin and evil. They do not make a deal with the devil.

How can Pope Francis work with an administration with such a blatant disregard for life?

The National Catholic Reporter has more on the Villanova University conference call:

The conference comes nearly three months after the U.S. bishops disbanded a controversial working group to address issues stemming from Biden’s Catholicism and areas in which he differs from church teaching on public policy. A proposal to produce a teaching document on “Eucharistic coherence or consistency” was sent to the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Doctrine, with some bishops publicly advocating for Biden to be barred from receiving Communion.

The Villanova gathering added to that intensifying debate within the U.S. church and elevated a number of voices of those sympathetic to denying the president Communion. Biden’s two local bishops in Washington, D.C., and Wilmington, Delaware, however, have said they would not deny him Communion in their respective dioceses, and Pope Francis has signaled an eagerness to find ways to collaborate with the Biden administration.

Brennan voiced frustration during the conference that the media has sought to portray the pope as an ally of Biden, citing Francis’ recent participation in Biden’s Earth Day climate summit last week and zeroing in on a tweet from the pope’s official Twitter account last December wherein he used the phrase “build back better,” which was a Biden campaign slogan.

“The pope, in quoting candidate Biden’s mantra, created the impression — whether he intended it or not, I cannot say — that he supported the candidate,” Brennan said.

The slogan, however, was taken from the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, for which Francis had released a message, and a link to that message was included in his original tweet.

Brennan’s remarks criticized church leaders for allegedly ignoring canon law “over decades” when it came to McCarrick’s misdeeds and failing “to take ownership” over both the former cardinal and the Catholic president alike.

“Mr. Biden is also aware that the church judges his [support for legal abortion] … to be formal cooperation [with evil],” said Brennan in his opening remarks for the conference. “For that reason, he is not, in the judgment of the church, fit to present himself to receive holy Communion.”

Brennan was followed by Francis Maier, a longtime speechwriter and assistant to retired Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, who is among those who have argued that Biden be denied Communion to avoid causing “scandal.”

Maier, who voted for former President Donald Trump “reluctantly” in 2016, but “more peacefully” in 2020, said that despite not supporting Biden’s election bid, he believes his presidency is “good news” for the U.S. church, as it may force the church to confront some of the tensions that the president embodies in being a practicing Catholic but disagreeing with church teaching on certain matters.

Maier went on to cite a series of interviews he had recently done with bishops around the country. “None was encouraged by Joe Biden’s election, not one,” he said. “They had conflicting opinions about Donald Trump, but all were uneasy about Biden,” adding that they believed the president’s “long-term impact on church-related matters was strongly negative.”

By presenting himself as a faithful Catholic, Maier said Biden helps “normalize the administration’s policies and actions that directly attack key Catholic beliefs on abortion, sex, family and marriage. This has the effect of marginalizing bishops as doctrinaire, out of touch and seemingly aligned against the message of mercy preached by Pope Francis.”

Maier said Biden “ignores” Catholic teaching on the “reception of the Eucharist, which stretches back to apostolic times.”

Opus Dei priest Fr. Luke Mata, in his remarks, faulted what he described as the “scandalous display of disunity [among bishops] disagreeing and contradicting each other in public about what to do about our second Catholic president.”

While Mata said that he could not speak to the sincerity of Biden’s faith, he said the president is “certainly a very misinformed, or worse, disingenuous Catholic.”

In surveying the president’s positions on abortion, religious liberty and gay marriage, Mata described them as “immoral” and “clearly evil.”

Mata said that from a spiritual perspective, priests and bishops have neglected the practice of fraternal correction as “the rationalizing of his behavior is causing scandal among many Catholics.”

“The words and actions of some bishops are making the scandal even worse,” he said, without naming names.

Fr. Gerald Murray, a priest of the New York Archdiocese and regular EWTN contributor, concluded the conference with a review of a number of documents from the Vatican’s doctrinal office and the church’s Code of Canon Law.

Murray, a canon lawyer, said Biden “obstinately perseveres in manifest grave sin,” by failing to uphold the moral law when it comes to issues of abortion and gay marriage, and thus Biden should be denied Communion.

Murray told attendees that Biden has a “deficient understanding of his obligation as a Christian and therefore something that is subject to public correction.”

Biden clearly has no understanding of what being a Christian means.

The idea of the sanctity of life is what unites all religions, not just Catholics.

No matter how small, all life should garner awe, NOT abortion.

Promoting the killing of the unborn is not only sacrilegious but anti-justice. When you’re pro-life, you’re also pro-justice. And when you can adopt both, your Catholicism will never be up for debate.



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